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Dundee biomass plant given pollution all-clear

April 5 2013

Dundee biomass plant given pollution all-clear
Plans to erect a biomass plant in Dundee are now back in contention following publication of a favourable study on local air pollution which indicated that localised Nitrogen Dioxide levels could be expected to grow by less than 1%.

The clean bill of health means that Dundee City Council and the Scottish Government will now decide whether or not to allow the facility to be built, four years after plans were first submitted by Forth Energy.

The plant, designed by the then Gordon Murray Architects, would generate 100MW of electricity, equivalent to 86% of the cities energy needs, but locals had voiced concern about potential adverse effects on air quality and traffic.

It would entail a capital investment of £326m at the Port of Dundee where sustainably sourced wood fuel can be delivered directly by ship.

Calum Wilson, managing director of Forth Energy, said: "The results of the monitoring show that the impact from the plant and associated traffic on Dundee's air quality would be negligible. We are satisfied that there is no reason, on air quality grounds, to prevent consent for the plant being granted.

"The plant would support the establishment of a renewables manufacturing hub at the port. It would support the city's ambitious development plans.”

Forth Energy withdrew plans for a similar plant in Leith last year.


Hell Will Freeze Over
#1 Posted by Hell Will Freeze Over on 5 Apr 2013 at 13:27 PM
Aye Right........LoL
#2 Posted by D-Bog on 5 Apr 2013 at 17:00 PM
Forth Energy have another 2 of these proposals currently sitting with Scottish Ministers at Grangemouth and Rosyth. Is there enough biomass (timber) in Scotland or the Western hemisphere to feed the hungry appetite of all 3 beasts? Did Forth Energy ever intend to build all 3?

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