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East Kilbride’s Stuart Hotel demolished

February 7 2013

East Kilbride’s Stuart Hotel demolished
G1 Group has begun demolition work on the derelict Stuart Hotel, East Kilbride, after being served with an urgent demolition order by South Lanarkshire Council.

The crumbling structure had decayed to such a parlous state that inspectors deemed its continued verticality posed an immediate hazard, prompting the emergency action.

G1 Group was granted permission in 2009 to redevelop the site with a hotel, bar club and restaurant scheme designed by the then gm+ad - but as yet these plans are not being progressed.
It is proposed to erect a nine storey replacement hotel; including a basement nightclub
It is proposed to erect a nine storey replacement hotel; including a basement nightclub
The Stuart Hotel has been shut since 2008
The Stuart Hotel has been shut since 2008


Edward Harkins
#1 Posted by Edward Harkins on 7 Feb 2013 at 14:07 PM
It's always a bit of ma jolt when you see a building being demolished when you can remember having good times there - back in the early 90s it was still quite a place to have wedding receptions, business conferences etc.
Robert Currie
#2 Posted by Robert Currie on 8 Feb 2013 at 10:51 AM
Sad to learn of the demolition of the landmark Stuart Hotel, East Kilbride, As a member of staff of the former East Kilbride Development Corporation, I was in attendance at its official opening by, if I remember correctly, the Rt Hon. Michael Noble. East Kilbride once lived up to the boast of 'Scotland's Foremost New Town'. Alas, no longer
Paul Gallacher
#3 Posted by Paul Gallacher on 13 Feb 2013 at 07:58 AM
I have lived in Liverpool for 5 years but I knew the Stuart had been closed but I always thought it would have been rescued, I had no idea the state it was in. Shame but lets hope a new hotel can give a much needed employment boost to the community.
Ron Simons
#4 Posted by Ron Simons on 8 Dec 2014 at 18:11 PM
I am so sad to learn that the Stuart Hotel has been demolished its as though it just happened. the Stuart was my first Job as a Commis Chef, back in 1969, and I loved it there that was where I cut my finger for the first time and got initiated, when I think about it the other 3 Chefs must have been plastered by the time they finished their shift because it seemed that the waiters never stopped bringing them a pint all day, oh happy days, we made home made Christmas puddings and Christmas cake, all of the sauces where made fresh, including Mayonaise Tartar, Marie Rose, Hollandaise,etc etc, we were real Chefs in those days. no packet soups ,Gravys no packet anything everything was fresh, great days. I cant remember the Head Chefs name just that he was a great man, and I remember Taffy he was always drunk ,but a good Chef. I cant remember the 2nd Chefs name we had a few runins but he was still a nice bloke, always remember that we had a big pot on the simmer all day a stock pot nothing got wasted great stock, not allowed any more , och well.
Ron Simons
#5 Posted by Ron Simons on 8 Dec 2014 at 18:20 PM
I was so sad to hear of the demolition Of the Stuart, it was my first job as a commis chef in 1969, I remember the 3 Chefs but nit there names The head Chef I remember had a glass eye nice bloke the 2nd chef was I rish also a nice bloke although we had a couple of fallouts the 3rd Chef Taffie Welsh. they used to get a bit tiddly because the Bar staff would bring them a pint every hour. everything was cooked from scatch no such thing as packet soup packet gravy or packet anything and all of the sauces were made, fresh Mayonaise tartar Hollandaise, everything, we used to make our own Christmas pudding and our own Haggis for Burns night, I remembner we had a great big pot called a stock pot and nothing was wasted, great stock, great memories, sad loss.

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