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Mesolithic house unearthed by the River Forth

November 19 2012

Mesolithic house unearthed by the River Forth
The remains of a Mesolithic home, estimated to be around 10,252 years old, have been unearthed on the banks of the River Forth during preparatory works for the Forth Replacement Crossing.

Workers stumbled upon a large oval pit measuring some seven metres in diameter with a depth of half a metre with a number of postholes, thought to be the foundations of one of the earliest recorded houses in the region.

The remains have been dated to around 8,240BC and include several fireplaces hearths, large quantities of charred hazelnut shells and over 1,000 flint artefacts - including tools and arrowheads.

Edward Bailey of Headland Archaeology told Urban Realm: “I can confirm the structure would have had an outer circle of wooden posts that would have formed a tepee like superstructure, we have an inner circle of posts that would have acted as support posts for the outer timbers.

“We believe that it would have been constructed using hazel, as charcoal identifications have identified only hazel from the structure.

 “The walls were probably made of turf and it is possible that internally the walls or floor may have been lined with pelts for warmth.

“It would have been a significant undertaking in terms of time and effort which has led to the conclusion that the structure was likely to be semi-permanent. The structure was probably home to a single extended family over winter.”


The Mummy's Paw
#1 Posted by The Mummy's Paw on 20 Nov 2012 at 03:13 AM
I wonder if this structure is the uppermost part of the secret underground tunnel that Colin Wilson discusses in his book 'Was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Jack the Ripper?' More precisely, the underground tunnel which connects Rosslyn Chapel with the Nazi UFO base established by Rudolf Hess in 1941 beneath Loch Ness, and from which the 9/11 attacks were launched.
Jimbob Tanktop
#2 Posted by Jimbob Tanktop on 21 Nov 2012 at 11:52 AM
The Mummy's Paw is correct, but should also have pointed out the Nazi UFO base was not only designed by Albert Speer, but was proposed as far back as 1922, when he was married to Mary Marquis and performing as a juggler at the Glasgow Empire.

The base also doubled as the location where 'they' filmed all live action shots of the so-called moon landings. This is also the reason why the toll booths on the older road bridge were built and demolished in double quick time, but not fast enough to stop Fernando Alonso winning the Formula One World Championship in 2005, thereby putting an end to the reign of Darth Schu (aka Michael Schumacher). If he hadn't, just think where we would be at the hands of the Illuminati.

And fools will say it's just an old wigwam. Ha!
Ron Burgandy
#3 Posted by Ron Burgandy on 21 Nov 2012 at 13:05 PM
That escolated quickly
#4 Posted by john on 22 Nov 2012 at 11:23 AM
A shame a perfectly good and interesting article (to me at least) has been marginalised by these comments. Why do stories from our ancient past invoke such ridicule? The comments regarding an underground Nazi base beneath Loch Ness are clearly wrong; everyone knows the Nazis set up a UFO base on Antarctica as early as 1938. After the War the Americans sent Admiral Byrd and a huge naval presence to intercept which was promptly sent packing with their tails between their legs.
#5 Posted by wonky on 22 Nov 2012 at 12:18 PM
Did Wham wear Wigs?

Maybe one day beneath a Central Park lavatory archaeologists in the distant future will unearth George Michael's wig?

Anything is possible after all.

And another pressing question: where these people Native British Indians ( having wigwams and the like) and so strengthening the Illumunati argument that the Pilgrims were only rightfully taking back what was theirs in the first place?

kevin toner
#6 Posted by kevin toner on 25 Nov 2012 at 14:09 PM
Wonky, I do not have a short answer for what has been found, although perhaps more finds of this nature will begin to accrue now that the first one is out in the open; in fact it's probably not the first find of its kind , but rather the oldest found so far (?)

A) This discovery would appear to suggest that the land’s natives really did dwell here as long ago as this. In Toronto there’re several more traces of similar tribes going back to at least ice age times.

The illustrator could have had skin colour a lot darker for a greater sense of accuracy, in line with the weathered races that are nearest to the polar caps today, as Canadian natives are, although we don’t really know as yet about that aspect - it was suggested in the ‘Threads in the Tartan’ exhibition in Glasgow circa 2000 that the Pictish who’d vanished without trace, not in terms of the Annuls of Ulster or Pictish Chronicle of course, didn't leave any knowledge of their appearance behind, i.e. from the onset of the early middle ages onward; and that they were the only real natives who couldn't be traced back as having settled there from elsewhere, i.e. in stark contrast to today’s population that’s grown from the Migration Period onward.

The Dark Ages has finally seen the settlement of White Man come to fruition in Europe, perhaps most notably in the likes of e.g. 1) Germany, but not without an immense difficulty in the British Isles, particularly in 2) Scotland, if not too in 3) Ireland.

White settlers seemed to really come from Asia/Africa (near to the Tropic of Cancer) as perhaps signified by:

1) Germanic peoples’ close association/roots with the Indo-Aryan or Iranian peoples;

2) As for the majority of Scots perhaps, their connections with slightly more northward of Iran, in what is now around Azerbaijan, as associated with the Albini tribe, former Albanian peoples (not to be confused with present day European Albania - as Asian in feel as that also still is – and nor with the present day Alba (Scotland). This was perhaps the very Asian Caucasus culture where the terms Caucasians and indeed Albinos may have derived their names from, i.e. pertaining to the actual origins of White Man (a Tropic of Cancer origin).

3) The Gaels/Irish perhaps romantically claim (?) their origin as Scoti whom are connected with the Egyptian pharaohs and Scota, if not as mere Celts and indo-Europeans like most of the rest of us that are now settled in Europe.

It can indeed be very difficult to differentiate Germans, Scots, Irish, from their Asian counterparts, except (thanks to climate changes) through skin colour...

B) The archaeological discovery of the above Scots wigwam would also appear to recently corroborate my personal suggestions as on the slide link below, which compares such possible indigenous roots with the cultural unconscious of what is now surely one of the world’s greatest intangible heritage feats, that of the Scottish culture we cherish today.

Two sticking points I should add as to why natives may have disappeared for good to the west never to return is that 1) indigenous boat technology could go west but not return: this was proven by a German scientist in the last couple of years ago or so, who attempted to reconstruct a journey back from America to Europe (from US to Portugal?) without success; and of course 2) why would natives wish to return anyway, even when boat technology could indeed move to & fro eventually after the conclusion of mass European settlement, when shortly after this period White Man wiped away 1/4 of a billion Native American Indians then brushed it under the carpet, perhaps adding to the haunting aspect of the Native American burial grounds issue. This is the figure I have c/o the “Barbarian Invasions” Canadian Film script, but I see that Wikipedia has reduced this figure to around 0.1 Billion to perhaps lessen the blow, whilst adding it wasn't all to do with gun Vs arrow, but rather partly biological incompatibility between the two very different kinds of peoples. Yeah, right Wikipedia...!

International Charters have long been trying to protect inter alia what’s left of the native Indian culture, perhaps whilst much of it is still under threat not through White Man at all, but as existing cultures don’t really want to be preserved in aspic as such, per se... I say we let the reserves' messengers (who unlike white man would leave horse at home when contemplating very long treks) compete in the triple jump event at the next Olympics; and they’ll take Gold, Silver, and Bronze: look at what happened when Kenyans started to compete in long distance running competitions: they’d take the top ten places at times, I've seen this before, but of course pending protectionist conventions that would probably stand in the way of encouraging authentic native American participation at such games. Perhaps a 2014 [or future] Commonwealth Special Committee of some sort can investigate: the days of cowboys, shepherds or whatever; & Indians are over, let us try to come together to help confront/lift this awful curse upon the world...

Good find Historic Scotland: you got any jobs for me on the architectural front though?

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