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Hillhead villa conversion mooted

September 5 2012

Hillhead villa conversion mooted
Plans to convert a disused classical villa in Glasgow’s west end into a guest house have been submitted by its owners.

Designed by Elder & Cannon Architects the scheme will entail conservation of the existing B listed property on Great George Street alongside a bold new insertion.

Formerly used as a religious temple the building has deteriorated significantly since it was abandoned in 2008, necessitating a need to find a fresh lease of life to ensure its long term viability.

To this end a new set back extension would be built within a three storey extension to provide additional bedrooms, constructed to reflect the classical proportions of its neighbour , penned by Detail Design.

Clad in high quality brick this would visually connect with a neighbouring modern flatted development.
The existing villa is in a poor state of repair with most internal details lost
The existing villa is in a poor state of repair with most internal details lost


#1 Posted by cc on 5 Sep 2012 at 14:31 PM
"a bold new insertion"
In other words: a cheap and nasty brick box that further dilutes the character of the West End and crams three stories into a height that architects from a bygone age felt was appropriate for only two stories. Tip top.
#2 Posted by wunderkind on 5 Sep 2012 at 15:17 PM
That’s a bit strong.

Points of note:
1. Character isn’t, and definitely shouldn’t, be something which is static – it evolves and adapts
2. E+C are one of the best architects currently practising in Scotland today. If you don’t trust them with something like this then we might as well all give up.
3. Don’t fall into the ‘old is good’ trap. Just because something is 100 years old doesn’t mean it is of virtue.
4. Notwithstanding point 3, perhaps you should be lauding the adaptive restoration of this building than a proposal which seeks to sweep it away.

As you can doubtless tell, I think this deserves a thumbs up.
Art Vandelay
#3 Posted by Art Vandelay on 5 Sep 2012 at 15:25 PM
Yes, because the existing building really contributes a great deal in its current state, doesn't it? I'm particularly a fan of the concrete slabbed yard.

Seriously though, I think E&C are a fairly good bet to deliver something sympathetic.
Art Vandelay
#4 Posted by Art Vandelay on 5 Sep 2012 at 15:37 PM
(That was to #1, by the way).

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