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VIDEO: Cumbernauld celebrates Carbuncle fight back

May 28 2012

VIDEO: Cumbernauld celebrates Carbuncle fight back
Long suffering residents of Cumbernauld are celebrating after finally shaking the Carbuncle tag which has been attached to the new town for much of the past decade after winning the inaugural Civic Pride Award organised by Urban Realm.

The news sparked delight in the new town and prompted the BBCs arts correspondent, Pauline McLean, to visit Urban Realm’s office and meet with locals to find out what they made of their reversal of fortunes.

Commenting on the win Urban Realm editor John Glenday said: “I hope that this result can serve as a springboard for Cumbernauld to press ahead with much needed regeneration of its centre and embrace the future with justified confidence.”

The full report can be viewed below:


Victor Meldrew
#1 Posted by Victor Meldrew on 30 May 2012 at 11:22 AM
Having been pilloried for a decade i suppose that the only decent thing to do is throw the long suffering Cumbernauldians a Civic Pride Award, demonstrating if nothing else just how impartial such awards are. Various other communities including Dunoon agonise about why they should be characterised as a dump, and what they can do about it. They could start by recognising the elephant in the room, which is that many decent small scottish towns were destroyed by ill considered public and private development, particularly poor quality housing which gives them the character of sink estates. You can plant all the crocusses you like and it won't change that. What is needed is some buildings they would genuinely be proud of and I'm afraid that the current raft of timber clad rectangles are just more of the same old tat.
John A. Hallliday
#2 Posted by John A. Hallliday on 22 May 2021 at 13:06 PM
Is the art installation,in The Clydesdale Bank still there ?. I created it. John

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