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Clegg promises ‘massive’ infrastructure investment

May 23 2012

Clegg promises ‘massive’ infrastructure investment
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has spoken of a “massive” increase in infrastructure investment as part of a concerted drive to move discussion of Britain’s economy away from the present downbeat prognosis toward sunnier pronouncements.

Speaking to the Financial Times Clegg proposed “massively amplifying the principle of what we did on credit easing”, a £20bn scheme geared toward stimulating small businesses, to do so.

This would see the government inject credit into the economy to stimulate construction of new homes and civil engineering projects.

Clegg continued: "We're not austerity fanatics for the hell of it. We've actually got some very creative initiatives on growth which we've already launched which can be supplemented and will be supplemented."

The change in emphasis follows polling evidence both on the continent and in Britain that voters are getting fed up with austerity alone.

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Auntie Nairn
#1 Posted by Auntie Nairn on 28 May 2012 at 14:18 PM
And how exactly will constructing new homes, and civil engineering projects stimulate small businesses, when they cannot access these types of projects? Surely a cut on VAT on works to existing properties would see a resurgence of the domestic extension / small commercial project and throw a lifeline to the small to medium contractors.
Honestly, this tory government and their sidekicks don't seem to have the first clue about what they should be doing.

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