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HMP Low Moss welcomes first inmates

March 12 2012

HMP Low Moss welcomes first inmates

The Scottish Prison Service has officially opened HMP Low Moss, a new 700 cell facility intended to ease overcrowding in jail system.

Its first guests, 100 prisoners from Barlinnie, will arrive in their new home today, the first of hundreds.

Benefiting from wide corridors, workshops, kitchens and classrooms the new facility is a far cry from the wooden huts it replaces.

Split into four wings the complex is overseen by a central control desk the prison is said to have "no corners where men can hide”, offering clear lines of sight through to cells.

An emphasis will be placed on enforcing a strict regime of work to force inmates to get out of bed in the morning and earn their privileges.

This includes switching off TV’s at 01:00 and turning off power to the cells between 09:00 and 17:00 when prisoners are expected to work.

Designed by Holmes Miller the £116m scheme is stated as setting the benchmark for a further three new prisons being built around the country.

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James of the family Fraser
#1 Posted by James of the family Fraser on 30 Oct 2012 at 16:34 PM
Just had the pleasure of being at H M P Low Moss, as well as a new jail it is great too see that the staff now employ a work ethic that treats all prisoners with respect, decency, and treatment that would not see any return to the old inhuman and degraging treatment that is dished out at Scotlands other shamefull establishments. I give credit to the people that hand picked and selected the staff from prisons from all over Scotland to run this establishment, as they are all the ones that i would identify as being the cream of the crop and i would commend this prison and its staff for its endeavors to see that true rehabilitation is put in place. If you had to go to this prison twice then you deserve to be in barlinnie where all the sour cream has been left behind for anyone wanting to transform their lives can find all the help they need at H M P Low Moss. Never thoght id see the day where i would be saying such a thing about not only a Scottish prison but H M P Low Moss itself. Hats off to the staff old and new and a big thanks too Tam Cofey a prison officer. Cheers Tam.

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