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High Street exhibition launched

December 13 2011

High Street exhibition launched
An exhibition exploring today’s perception of the traditional High Street has opened at Glasgow’s Lighthouse – just as Mary Portas publishes a long awaited High Street renewal plan.

Sponsored by Architecture + Design Scotland, the event aims to showcase the past, present and future of our thoroughfares through a series of films depicting life and opinions on 15 towns and cities ranging from Sanqhuar to Glasgow.

The exhibition also looks at how the design of our streets has changed over the years in response to technological advances such as the car and refrigerator as well as the changing expectations of shoppers.

Speaking at the launch ,A+DS chair Karen Anderson said: “Our local High Streets are important public spaces, vital in establishing thriving communities and local economic growth. The future of our High Streets is a highly topical issue and this exhibition shows the High Street’s evolution. We hope this exhibition will provoke the visitor to consider what the future may hold for the High Street.”

The exhibition runs in gallery 2 of the Lighthouse until April 17.


#1 Posted by KM on 14 Dec 2011 at 22:35 PM
In only 10years of being a qualified architect I have witnessed the demise of the high street. Frankly I cannot see how a change in planning policy can change this.

What also about the office as we know it? Advances in technology, for those who embrace it, means that professionals such as architects do not require to work day to day with colleagues sitting at our side.

I predict that the next 20years will show further decline on the high street. I hope that i'm wrong. Time will tell.
Frank Lloyd Wrong
#2 Posted by Frank Lloyd Wrong on 20 Dec 2011 at 23:39 PM
Wake up. The only way to save the High Street?
Boycott the Big 4!

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