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Duany publishes “Garden Cities” bible

July 29 2011

Duany publishes “Garden Cities” bible
A new book authored by Miami based architect Andres Duany championing the production of food in cities has been launched by the Prince’s Foundation.

It coincides with a bid by the Foundation to think beyond the design of buildings to the lifestyle offered by homes and communities – specifically food growing, with a “Start Growing Festival”.

Duany’s tome espouses a number of methods for encouraging residents back onto the land, including the provision of growing space in new developments and the creation of ‘agricultural villages’.

The latter of these is envisaged to be of appeal to those seeking an alternative to retirement villages where the community can come together to invest their time, labour and budgets in pursuit of organising, growing, processing, distributing, cooking and eating their own produce.

Prince's Foundation, Senior Fellow Andres Duany, said: "We will lose the campaign against climate change unless reform is conceived in a very large scale. This includes agriculture, which cannot remain the initiative of only those well-intentioned groups promoting urban gardens. Developers, those who build the human habitat, must get involved in all aspects. This book is designed to bridge modern development practice and agriculture."

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