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Glasgow Harbour submit revised Kelvin Bank masterplan

June 24 2011

Glasgow Harbour submit revised Kelvin Bank masterplan
Glasgow Harbour has submitted a revised masterplan for the development of Kelvin Bank, a parcel of brownfield land adjacent to the eponymous river just south of Partick.

With the Transport Museum rekindling interest in the area the landowner has commissioned ADF Architects to draft up outline plans for a new residential quarter, fronting a riverside walkway alongside business units, a pocket park and a café.

Primarily this will see six fingers of residential accommodation reach out to the Kelvin from Beith Street, each with undercroft parking so that courtyard spaces between can.

A secondary ‘gateway’ area will provide definition to Anderson Street and connect the development with the surrounding area.

A previously mooted Tesco superstore will be relocated to an “alternative site within the locality.”
Penthouse floors will vary between single levels and duplexes to vary the skyline
Penthouse floors will vary between single levels and duplexes to vary the skyline
The site boasts excellent transport links
The site boasts excellent transport links


#1 Posted by hope? on 26 Jun 2011 at 14:28 PM
please let there be a mix of uses...all the images show people and frankly, there is nobody at the harbour just now as there is no reason to come here. Im one who has learned this the hard way having bought one of the flats. I hope the solid walls with painted on tress along the promenade is some kind of comedy. The last thing this place needs is another horrendous masterplan. There are lessons to be learned from the first phase.
#2 Posted by Meteor on 27 Jun 2011 at 09:47 AM
Hope is absolutely right in relation to the necessity of mixed uses - and in the current economic climate this is difficult to deliver. There is a demand for properly-priced and correctly designed residential, with a mix of tenures and types, as part of mixed-use development on the riverfront and to connect the Hadid building to the city. And there are some innovative structures being developed elsewhere, which take into account the new financial world we live in, both in residential and other uses, to deliver similar projects. The scheme at Beith Street appears not to take any of this into account. And Hope is right about the comedy trees painted on the walls to the underground parking....oh lordy!!
#3 Posted by Summer on 6 Jul 2011 at 12:11 PM
I am in complete agreement with the last 2 comments. Glasgow harbour needs life brought to it - a gym, a beauticians, a nice cafe. It does not need more flats - and as for excellent transport links - I don't know if I can agree with that - The bus service lasted a month!

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