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VIDEO: Kengo Kuma outlines Dundee V&A plans

May 23 2011

VIDEO: Kengo Kuma outlines Dundee V&A plans
Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma, a professor at Tokyo University and RIBA fellow, has flown into Dundee to deliver a lecture outlining his vision for a northern outpost of the V&A in the River Tay.

In an interview with the architect (to be published in the June issue of Urban Realm) Kuma described the structure as a new “living room” for the city and a bid to urbanise the city’s waterfront.

For those who missed it a snippet is posted below.


The Grim Sheeper
#1 Posted by The Grim Sheeper on 23 May 2011 at 11:59 AM
An excellent lecture and an excellent event - well done to the V+A making it happen team.
Colin C
#2 Posted by Colin C on 23 May 2011 at 12:25 PM
Sorry, in my view images and project that won the competition cannot be built for the money available, as much as I wish it could. Time to come clean.
Vanda Fan
#3 Posted by Vanda Fan on 24 May 2011 at 12:09 PM
Hi Colin C. I quote from the V&A at Dundee website:
'Detailed questions were asked of the Kengo Kuma team prior to awarding the contract. This included questions regarding issues around the external features of the building and budgeting. The detailed answers provided by the Kengo Kuma team have been scrutinized by external assessors and were deemed to be satisfactory in terms of completing the project within budget.
The overall project, including construction costs, will be under very tight financial management. All of the partners involved in the project have experience of successfully delivering large-scale developments.'
In the past it may have been 'acceptable' if not expected for projects to overshoot budget and timescale, but not in the current financial climate. Dundee is going to show everyone how it *can* be done... Now put your energies to good use and start backing the project!
Auntie Nairn
#4 Posted by Auntie Nairn on 24 May 2011 at 14:12 PM
Vanda Fan, if you had actually read Colin C's post, you would see he does back the project, he just doesn't believe it can be delivered for the budget.
I suspect anyone who has been involved in construction in Scotland recently would have similar concerns.
At a time when work is scarce you would expect prices to be keen, but the opposite seems to be the case as contractors seek to maintain the same margins from fewer projects.
The design is a thing of beauty, just don't be surprised when the £45million budget is a distant memory.

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