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Bute forest masterplanner appointed

March 18 2011

Bute forest masterplanner appointed
Neil Sutherland Architects have been appointed as masterplanner for a 2,000 acres of land on the Isle of Bute.

Selected by the Bute Community Land Company the practice saw off four other shortlisted firms, amongst them Malcolm Fraser Architects and Nord.

It will see Rhubodach forest transformed into a centre for eco tourism, with a forest centre and lodges built and improved access for walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders.

Wood from the forest will be harvested to provide carbon neutral heating for island homes.

Formerly owned by film director Richard Attenborough the land was subject to a community buy out last year.

1 Comment

#1 Posted by Bodhisattva on 18 Mar 2011 at 17:40 PM
Neil, congratulations on becoming a Forest Architect, your green collar fits you well. Will there be dancing in the Kyles? Are the denizens of Dickie ‘Borough happy?
Now it makes me think....are we what we say we are, or are we what other people see we are?
Have you become a Master Planner or is that journalism for you?
These days it seems that some people can call themselves just about anything they like, (except for protected titles such as ‘Architect’), moreover, if you predicate your title with ‘Master’ then all the better to impress with. I also see a lot or Architects becoming Planners yet a lot of Planners seem to want to be Architects and strangest of all, Surveyors that want to become Architects as well as Surveyors! What is happening, does everyone want to be someone else, this the path to enlightenment?
Neil, stick to the path.
Malky, Nord, stick to the path, in this instance, out of the forest.

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