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Tesco faces mounting criticism over Linwood plans

September 1 2010

Tesco faces mounting criticism over Linwood plans
Tesco faces growing criticism over stalling tactics in its delayed plans for the redevelopment of Linwood town centre.

This follows reports in The Times reported that Linwood’s crumbling shopping mall has been under the control of the omnipresent retailer for nearly a decade through a related company.

It had been thought that Tesco had only acquired the run down centre in 2007, when the supermarket chain announced plans to rebuild the town’s retail provision alongside a new health centre, library and community centre.

The new revelations mean that the retailer has had six more years than previously thought to take action in the crumbling town, stoking accusations in the community that the store has deliberately run the town down in order to garner public support.

Tesco blames discovery of a former crypt on the site for holding up its plans even though planning officials refute that this should be the case.


E paulus
#1 Posted by E paulus on 7 Nov 2010 at 20:54 PM
It is a shame that such a reputable company has not fulfilled yet the pledge about installing the supermarket and regenerate the town. They should be forced by the council. The place is becoming a health and fire hazard as well as an eyesore. It is terrible to have to walk through the place for us living there, to take the bus. Honestly, surely there is something the authorities could do about it.
I am so hopeful that one day, soon, the place starts to get demolished. Their attitude is really disappointing as a business.
Ken McDougal
#2 Posted by Ken McDougal on 19 Jan 2011 at 18:15 PM
I think Tesco are back-pedalling because they realise that there is too much competition in the area with the Co-op, Somerfield, Asda and Morrisons, as well as Lidl and Aldi, You wait, they'll be building flats on the site before you know it. I used to visit Tesco when I went to another town, but no more.

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