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Nick Nairn endorsed golf development unveiled for Deeside

August 4 2010

Nick Nairn endorsed golf development unveiled for Deeside
Frank Burnett Ltd, owners of the Inchmarlo golf club in Banchory has unveiled ambitious plans to transform the course with a £100m investment programme.

It will see the club construct 77 executive homes and 33 affordable houses alongside an upgraded course and expanded cub facilities; in direct competition with Trump’s north east course.

In conjunction with the plans celebrity chef Nick Nairn is hoping to construct his latest cookery school on the site after dusting off plans which had been put on hold when the recession struck.

Should the plans gain approval upon submission in November golfers could be strutting the fairways inside of three years. 


Fanny Cradock's Ghost
#1 Posted by Fanny Cradock's Ghost on 4 Aug 2010 at 16:25 PM
77 'executive' hooses and 33 'affordable' homes? For a golf course? Clearly a great deal has been learned from Trump. Pass off a large cash-rakin' in development as being somehow connected with golf and great for the area, will attract tourism, and hope no-one will notice the loss of green space. Even better, headline it all with some guff about it having its own 'celebchef' cookery school, and no-one will even spot the swallowing up of yet another piece of Bonnie Scotland. Hell, if Duany says it's fine to build on greenfield sites, who are we mere mortals to say nay?
Le Corbusier
#2 Posted by Le Corbusier on 5 Aug 2010 at 14:46 PM
Excellent. I am planning to 'endorse' a large city centre restaurant shortly also.
#3 Posted by Neilly on 6 Aug 2010 at 14:19 PM
Do they have 77 executives in Banchory ?? - who want to both play golf and learn to cook ??

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