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Tesco goes to town with Partick store

April 12 2010

Tesco goes to town with Partick store
A planning application is to be submitted in the next few months for Tesco’s controversial Partick superstore, after a previous application was stymied by Glasgow Harbour’s refusal to sell vital land.

A series of public consultations have already been held for the scheme, which has been significantly downscaled from initial plans that would have heralded a student village on the riverfront site.

Instead the grocery giant has adopted a back to basics approach for the 65,000sq/ft “eco” store which has now been shorn of all residential add on’s but will retain a landscaped walkway along the Kelvin.

Controversy still surrounds the proposal however with campaigners fearful of the likely impact on traffic.

Some locals are also concerned about a saturation of supermarkets in the area spelling trouble for small and independent retailers.


#1 Posted by E on 12 Apr 2010 at 13:02 PM
Tesco are currently building another store of similar size (60,000 ft) at Maryhill shopping centre, which is around 20mins' walk from the Partick site: Can't see any justification for another one, particularly as 3 of their Metro stores are within 5-15 minutes' walk of the Partick site as well.
#2 Posted by E on 12 Apr 2010 at 13:07 PM
Lest we forget: Partick Central railway station demolished by Tesco without permission from Glasgow City Council:
Paula Persson
#3 Posted by Paula Persson on 19 Apr 2010 at 14:02 PM
Why does everything have to be developed for commercial purposes? This is potentially, a beautyful spot next to the river currently occupied by a great deal of wildlife. There is so much potential to develop the site in conjunction with the Kelvin Walkway to make it some where residents and wildlife can relax in a natural environment.

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