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Supermarket sweeps into Glasgow's south side

March 23 2010

Supermarket sweeps into Glasgow's south side
A south side bus depot is set to be transformed into a giant 100,000sq/ft superstore, retail unit, petrol station and surface parking lots.

Occupying a desolate tract of wasteland lying between the city’s south side and city centre and bisected by the M74 motorway the scheme elicited strong emotions from local residents attending a pre-application presentation.

Posting on the South Side Happenings blog Vicky Calder said: “I think the employment issue is one that is always used to force areas to accept these large Superstores - yes there would be some jobs created and in the current economy this is greatly needed. However in the larger context if the fruit and veg shop closes, and the butchers, and the hardware store, and the dry cleaners, and the chemist, then will the other shops and restaurants survive - how nice will it be to walk down Victoria Road, when every second shop is empty?”

Mr T agreed: “The scheme at present doesn't address the urban planning problems that blight that part of the city, or actually deal with Glasgow's continuing dependance on car travel. When I chatted to the developers this afternoon, they gave conflicting arguments regarding car use. Playing up the benefits to "local" residents being able to walk to the store, while on the other hand advising that the real aimed catchment of the store was to try and compete with the two large Asda's at Toryglen and Govan.”

The scheme supercedes a previous plan by Park Lane for housing on the former depot site,  shelved amidst the property downturn. A formal planning application is expected to be submitted in May.


#1 Posted by Tim on 24 Mar 2010 at 14:12 PM
The junction of Victoria Road and Butterbiggins Road is already extremely dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, and the threatened car park will make it worse.
#2 Posted by Gordon on 24 Mar 2010 at 14:35 PM
As far as I am aware the Bus Depot is still in operation, is this to close?
John Glenday
#3 Posted by John Glenday on 24 Mar 2010 at 14:44 PM
It's still in operation but plans have been submitted by Janus Architects for a new depot on cathcart rd. I understood the transition would take three years.
Southside Happenings
#4 Posted by Southside Happenings on 21 Apr 2010 at 09:46 AM
From Southside Happenings comments page -an update on the proposals. Also a further public consultation meeting is taking place at the Daisy St centre in Govanhill on Mon 26 Apr from 11am until 8pm

Here is a brief summary of the Q+A session on Monday Night. It was only a very short ten minute session and there were no real debates or discussions.

Many people showed interest in the scheme and their main concerns were to do with noise, traffic and the impact on Victoria Road. The developers said that they would hope the supermarket would be a positive affect on the area reducing crime and turning Victoria Road into a Byres Road (Though someone pointed out that since Tesco and Waitrose have opened on Byres Road many independant stores like Roots and Fruits have seen a 40% drop in takings.)

Developers introduced the presentation by advising that originally they had looked at a housing scheme but were now looking at a "commercial employment development" scheme aka a supermarket.

The developers discussed the number of jobs which this store will create though hightlighted that there maybe some impact on local business initially. (The actual number of jobs from a similar superstore and a breakdown of those hired from its local area would be interesting)

The developers confirmed that even if the supermarket scheme does not go ahead, the relocated bus station will and the associated jobs of this bus station will remain in the area albeit on the other side of a railway line.

The developers confirmed that while they own the site, First Bus also owns a percentage of it.

Members of the Community Council and the local Councillers would like to see further discussions take place. They would like alternative proposals to be looked at and would like to arrange a fuller debate style public meeting. If you would be interested in these then leave a comment below.

We seem to have very split views from readers - lots in favour of the speed and ease of the new store but lots of negative feelings too over its impact on the area, traffic and local businessess. What do you all think?

Mrs Mary Bavis
#5 Posted by Mrs Mary Bavis on 8 Nov 2012 at 20:20 PM
Personally,I should welcome the Waitrose store as I understand it is a very upscale supermarket and I believe Tesco and Asda cannot hold a candle to it.Waitrose would be more expensive than. the latter. But if Waitrose priced itself out of the market,then so be it. Victoria Road would revert to its present state but at least southsiders would have had the opportunity to sample an upscale store. I'm all for freedom of choice.
#6 Posted by dirige on 9 Nov 2012 at 12:11 PM
As a southsider myself, my 38 strong room-sharers and I are already collecting tons of scrap in anticipation of purchasing a Waitrose Tiramisu to share

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