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Westpoint Homes commence demolition of Renfrewshire Council HQ

February 22 2010

Westpoint Homes commence demolition of Renfrewshire Council HQ
Westpoint Homes have commenced demolition of the former Renfrewshire Council Headquarters in Paisley.

The move precedes plans to construct a four phase development of 137 homes and commercial space on the prime site overlooking Paisley Abbey.

Phase one plans are set to commence in late spring and will see 30 two bedroom homes made available under the New Supply Shared Equity Scheme through a partnership with the Link Group.

Westpoint described plans for the derivative estate as “magnificent” and of “unrivalled residential architecture.”

The plans constitute a major plank of regeneration body Paisley Vision’s plans to transform the town.


#1 Posted by Z on 23 Feb 2010 at 22:18 PM
'unrivalled residential architecture' = looks very similar to the majority of housebuilder apartment blocks!
Here we go again.......
#2 Posted by Here we go again....... on 24 Feb 2010 at 09:41 AM
"derivative estate", "unrivalled residential architecture" "major plank" "transform town".......unless mistaken this "estate" will sit prominantly adjacent to the beautiful 12th Century Paisley Abbey and form the new North edge of the urban public space which is currently traversed by Cotton Street. This site deserves better, Paisley deserves better, Paisley "Vision" should be ashamed of themselves and go and look at work by groups suchs as "Clydebank Re Built" for meaningful examples of effective "transformation". This building relates more to the Lagoon Centre than Paisley Abbey and not having seen the full proposal this project appears to lend more to "spin" than "good architecture".

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