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Viridor plan waste incinerator for Glasgow area

February 1 2010

Viridor plan waste incinerator for Glasgow area
Glasgow and Lanarkshire Councils are in discussion with Viridor, a Glaswegian waste management firm, to secure a £250m incinerator for the west of Scotland.

The plant would house an incinerator and treatment facility, used to recycle rubbish from around the country. 250k tonnes of rubbish would be burned a year, providing enough power for 39k homes.

Councils are scrabbling to build enough such facilities to enable them to meet government targets for a reduction in landfill waste of 5% by 2025.

This would see Viridor spend potentially £800m in Scotland over the next five years.

Previous applications to build combined heat and power plants at Dunbar and Portobello are bogged down in government enquiries, environmentalists arguing that carbon dioxide emissions make incineration little better than landfill.

Viridor state that recovering heat and power from waste is a “smarter” way of redirecting landfill waste and are concerned about the cost and delay the appeals process generates.

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#1 Posted by KarelYurian on 8 Jun 2010 at 14:51 PM
This must surely count as the most stupid idea yet to arise from within Scotland. Incineration of Waste (aka Waste to Energy) is an expensive white elephant for treating wastes be it for Scotland or Anywhere. The best option here would be to build a Waste to Ethanol facility where the cost of this plant would barely reach £75 million and the gate fees could be pegged to less than £25-00 per tonne. The fuel Ethanol could then be used and mixed with petrol and meet the aims of the rebnewables obligation without the massive subsidies that the company here cited has requested. Such plants are already being developed in England Holland Malta Israel VietNam and China, so why not here and let's see some money saved from our council taxes.

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