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Faulty windows put a dampener on New Year for Dundasvale Court residents

January 8 2010

Faulty windows put a dampener on New Year for Dundasvale Court residents
Complaints have been raised of continued problems with damp at Dundasvale Court, Glasgow, despite recent re-cladding works  carried out by Wates. 

One resident said: “Glasgow Housing Association and Wates are trying to discover if there is water still in the structure trying to work its way out or if something bigger is at hand – with possible but unconfirmed terminal results.” 

Some point to the fact that the window contractor was switched at the last minute from Anglican to Radway, speculating that this has led to the problem.

A spokesman for GHA said: “The windows in the multistorey flats at Dundasvale Court are floor-to-ceiling uPVC screens and their unusual construction makes them much larger than traditional windows.

“New windows were installed at the same time as the exterior of the high rise flats were overclad two years ago.

“Unfortunately, a few tenants have been experiencing occasional problems with draughts and slight water ingress.

“We are currently in the process of visiting every tenant in their home to check if they are experiencing any problems. Only a few flats have been affected and we are working closely with our contractors to do everything we can to resolve the issue.”

A previous study carried out by Glasgow School of Art into the issue of defective windows identified deterioration of seals and concrete, poor fit and a lack of weatherproof detailing at the cill head and jamb.

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robert gray
#1 Posted by robert gray on 9 Aug 2012 at 00:25 AM
thanks for displaying the photo taken from future glasgow, my mums window taken the day it was replaced!

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