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Augmented reality Lego coming to a store near you

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October 2 2009

Not content with conquering the real world with their fantastic plastic creations Lego have set their sites on the virtual world with a new breed of augmented reality devices.

Bridging the gap between computer monitor and the natural environment, Lego are utilising the latest technology to produce the “digital box”. This interactive terminal, camera and display screen can read the identity of individual Lego packaging and project the fully assembled product within animated 3d scenes.

Big deal you might think, but this is no mere pre-recorded clip but is actually updated in real time as you manouvre the box through space, allowing inquisitive customers to peer at the goods as though they had been pre-built.

Designed to kindle the excitement of youngsters and provide the sort of instant gratification most of us now demand, Lego hope their latest gizmo will help them harness the power of the virtual world to deliver real world profits.

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