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Scottish Parliament likened to a "multi storey car park"

September 23 2009

Scottish Parliament likened to a "multi storey car park"
The Scottish Parliament with all its many failings elicits much inflamed passion from those not normally want to wade into an architectural debate.

Recent doubts as to the long term viability of the structure, with senior sources claiming that the building won't last a 100 years once the Scottish winters get to it, leads to questions as to how the building is experienced on a day to day basis by those based within.

Bill Aitken Conservative MSP for Glasgow has mixed feelings: “I am ambivalent about the building in that the chamber is magnificent and the garden lobby is a superb meeting space, the downside is there is far too much exposed concrete which gives the impression of a multi storey car park and nor is it the most user friendly of buildings, it takes ages to get anywhere.”

Resigned to making best use of what exists Aitken concludes: “I hope we move on from the awful difficulties of a few years ago and we all make good use of a very expensive building.”

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