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Multicolours in the dark

January 9 2009

Multicolours in the dark
Multicolours, an interactive light installation in condemned multi storeys at Red Road, has been shelved due to time restraints and financial problems.

Funding from The Scottish Arts Council was not enough to keep the show alive and out of the blue, as the balance sheet turned red, the site has gone back to black.

Brainchild of architect and lighting designer Peter Smith, the event promised a confection of ambient light and urban decay to re-animate the skeletal hulks of failed housing policy with the ghostly glow of a hundred lanterns, each symbolising the presence of a departed tenant.

Instead a block at Petershill Drive will crumple in anonymity, an uncelebrated casualty of renewal.

The notorious estate comprises eight of the tallest social housing towers outwith London and is slowly being emptied of humanity.  As these empty husks fade into the night a final flicker of life has been denied them.
Looking to the future Smith remains optimistic: “We hope to run the Multicolours project again with another building sometime in 2009.”

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