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B-listed meat market swaps cattle for paddles

June 10 2024

 B-listed meat market swaps cattle for paddles

A historic former meat market in Glasgow's east end will become a hub of activity once more under plans by Mast Architects to repurpose the steel sheds as a mixed leisure venue with commercial elements.

The third phase of the broader Calton Village development will see the council-owned site, with its boundary walls and gates, repaired and refurbished as part of the change in use for an independent community interest company. Coltart Earley and Narro will undertake vital metalwork repairs, remove polycarbonate sheets and replace them with reclaimed slate on the most visible portions of the B-listed sheds.

This will open up the full potential of the impressive open-air halls for padel tennis, an events space, a bar and upcycling centre. Integrated fully with a planned linear park to the north, subject to a separate planning application, the project emphasises 'minimal intervention' and respect for the historic structures as its guiding principles, ensuring that modern additions are fully reversible. This includes the introduction of mesh and half-moon cast panels below the historic frame to partition the volume.

In a planning statement, Mast wrote: "Our designs have been developed to respond to the challenges of developing on this site – addressing security and robustness whilst still creating a sense of openness and accessibility. We were careful that we should not attempt to compete with the complexity and richness of detail evident on the sheds, but that our interventions should be simple and restrained by comparison.

"We did, however, recognise that there was an opportunity to reflect some of the sheds’ character in the limited use of a cladding motif derived from a historic metal casting on the north sheds, which is to be used at key points of entry where visitors will interact most closely with the sheds."

A stand-alone metal rainscreen sports hall is also planned, detached from the main sheds as the required internal volume exceeded the available space. 

A new build sports hall, clad in ornate half moon panels, will join the current sheds
A new build sports hall, clad in ornate half moon panels, will join the current sheds
The Meat Markets are set to become a leisure and cultural hub for the Calton
The Meat Markets are set to become a leisure and cultural hub for the Calton


D to the R
#1 Posted by D to the R on 10 Jun 2024 at 11:49 AM
Some serious dust wafting off this one ... second only to George Sq ... *sigh*
Fat Bloke on Tour
#2 Posted by Fat Bloke on Tour on 10 Jun 2024 at 12:09 PM
Cheap filler -- both in its plans for the future and the patch and mend refurb.

Given the money wasted in other GCC hobby horses -- Avenues project anyone -- to only re-slate the roofs where they can be seen is embarrassing penny pinching of the worst sort.

Half ersed job -- not good after all the time they have had to come up with new ideas.

At least they are going to tidy up the area.
Maybe then they will see the litter that pollutes the whole district.

The Tennent's beer can girls on show must be grannies by now.
Why Not
#3 Posted by Why Not on 10 Jun 2024 at 15:47 PM
#3 - you are right on the tenant's point, my art teacher claimed to be one and she retired when I was at school, a long time ago!
Mark Ettrends
#4 Posted by Mark Ettrends on 10 Jun 2024 at 18:47 PM
The fruit market up Blochairn way is looking a bit jaded these days, why not move it in to these sheds and make a food market like Victoria market in Melbourne? Victoria market is divided up into areas selling fresh fish, meat, fruit and veg and a hot foods sit in/take away section. It always seemed busy. That might be an idea for this site?
Fat Bloke on Tour
#5 Posted by Fat Bloke on Tour on 10 Jun 2024 at 19:49 PM
#4 -- Interesting idea.

Probably a bit early in the East End Regeneration cycle for something on that scale / that vitality.

Area is a bit half cooked regarding density and gap sites -- the towers in Melbourne give the game away somewhat regarding the vibrancy of the QV market.

Plus the wholesale traffic would be a challenge so far from the motorway in an area that wants to be residential and with Transport 1400 hellbent on turning our Victorian streets into paths and bike lanes.

However one to watch after the initial effort described above -- Bellgrove Station next door could be a "sleeper" asset for the area.

No pun intended ...
#6 Posted by Roddy_ on 11 Jun 2024 at 19:09 PM
The designs look distinctively average and there is something strangely unconvincing about the whole thing. I hope I'm wrong.

The big opportunity to add retail or commercial units was lost somewhat when the dreary JTP tenements on Duke St were completed with only one retail unit at the corner with Bellgrove St. Huge error. Looking at more recent iterations of the masterplan with units proposed facing on to the linear park, I think you need to ask if these will be viable. It's simple urban design 101 - you put the units where they are the most central - ie on the main street. This is partly why I'm unconvinced by this.
It will also have to be well funded and brilliantly curated to bring folk from further afield.

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