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Specialist school for vulnerable children breaks ground in Kinross

June 10 2024

Specialist school for vulnerable children breaks ground in Kinross

Work has begun to deliver a £5.5m school for vulnerable children in Kinross replacing unsuitable existing premises.

Seamab Care and Education has been operating for over 40 years but had outgrown its current home, sparking a £4m fundraising campaign to pay for new premises.The charity has been working with LBA and 3DReid to make its dreams a reality with local construction firm Algo expected to complete the work by November 2025.

The new space will permit the school to introduce dining facilities, an assembly hall and a gym within a flexible recreation hall joined by six classrooms.

Seamab’s CEO Stuart Provan said: “This is the beginning of a new era. The custom-build which is now underway represents a huge opportunity for us to support our kids to reach their full potential. It is really an emotional moment, because it’s been such a long time coming. 

“To be able to nurture our students in an environment that will serve them is a dream come true for so many people involved with Seamab.  Our teachers and school support staff have been doing the very best with what’s available, but the reality is the current school building just does not provide all of the opportunities the children deserve."

Seamab currently provides residential care, education and therapeutic support to 25 young people between the ages of five and 18. Among those to have donated to the school is Chris Stewart, CEO of the Chros Stewart Group, who has co-ordinated pro bono support from Thomas & Adamson, Thomson Gray, Will Rudd, and Rybka.

The school still seeking a further £500k to complete the project. 

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