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Powderhall comes together with plans for over 100 new homes

April 9 2024

Powderhall comes together with plans for over 100 new homes

Comprehensive plans for the delivery of 106 flats and townhouses for social and mid-market rent at Powderhall, Edinburgh, have been brought forward by the City of Edinburgh Council.

Complementing the refurbishment of a B-listed stables block on Broughton Road the development replaces a former waste transfer station, part of a broader development that includes a further 125 homes for private sale.

Overseen by Cruden and Smith Scott Mullan Associates the build addresses a planned civic square with an east-to-west cycle and footpath improving connectivity through the site. Arranged along a new street, oriented to maximise views of the stables the development will also introduce an active frontage to St Mark's Path.

Working toward these overarching goals the development is split between four blocks, two of which are represented in the current application, framed by pedestrian priority streets.

In a materials statement, the architects observed: "The choice of materials has been influenced by the red sandstone used on the listed Stables building. Whilst sandstone is no longer an economic choice, brick in similar tones will give a similar feeling of mass, solidity and longevity to the stone, tying the new buildings into their surroundings. By using three colours of bricks across each block, the mass of each block can be broken down into smaller elements with a vertical emphasis."

Both blocks will host green roofs and solar panels to support biodiversity and renewable energy. 

A new street will frame views of Powderhall Stables
A new street will frame views of Powderhall Stables
Subject to approvals construction could begin in 2025
Subject to approvals construction could begin in 2025


#1 Posted by TepidMouse on 10 Apr 2024 at 01:53 AM
Has this been mixed up with the planned new Inverness prison to replace Porterfield? Prisonhall anyone?
#2 Posted by James on 10 Apr 2024 at 10:31 AM
This is a truly depressing scheme. Is this the best that Scottish architects can produce in terms of housing and placemaking? What a lost opportunity to create a cohesive and connected community with outstanding architecture. Instead you see the typical cardboard house with prefab “bricks”, no balconies and pokey windows. Depressing
#3 Posted by Johnny on 10 Apr 2024 at 21:35 PM
Challenging site, pleased to see it getting developed. Walk past it all the time and sad lying empty. I’m guessing half the budget is cleaning a heavily contaminated site after the tip got removed. Fingers crossed it happens.
Edward Alexander Smart
#4 Posted by Edward Alexander Smart on 12 Apr 2024 at 19:26 PM
Another Allan Murray/Galt Toys stupidity.
Actually, Galt toys are way more preferrable, architecturally. They look good and have intelligence and care behind them. Sans all this depressing homage to scourged Greyhounds.
#5 Posted by 55andHolding on 7 May 2024 at 15:46 PM
I live next to this site and although it was cleared long ago, little if anything has happened in the way of progress. The Stable Block has been refurbished but remains empty, the bowling green site is overgrown & unloved and the housing development is the usual generic nonsense despite extensive public consultation. We await the inevitable reduction of social/rental percentage over overpriced shoeboxes with baited breath!

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