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Tweaked housing vision to bring historic Lanark Grammar back to life

May 3 2023

Tweaked housing vision to bring historic Lanark Grammar back to life

Revised plans to partially demolish and convert a B-listed school annexe in Lanark have been filed as part of a larger residential development by Wilson Developments and Clyde Valley Housing Association.

DarntonB3 Architects propose to deliver 39 homes at the former Lanark Grammar, including 31 new build terraced properties at Braxfield Road, now in a mix of black and buff brick.

Non-original school extensions will be demolished to facilitate a commercially viable development with new build elements reflecting the strong multi-gabled identity of the school.

In a design statement, the applicant wrote: "The grouping of gables on the new buildings reflect the massing and orientation of the existing building while reinterpreting the fenestration. The controlled random window fenestration to Hyndford Road contrasts with the stark geometry of the existing school. The scale and mass is reflective and sympathetic to the existing school building and the layouts create a visual and physical permeability alleviating overshadowing and overlooking, creating pleasant interstitial amenity spaces."

Original facades of the retained school will be restored using salvaged stone, albeit with the loss of floors and roofs to facilitate improved insulation standards.  

A retained playground is included in the plans
A retained playground is included in the plans


#1 Posted by modernish on 3 May 2023 at 16:28 PM
The 3d image is one of the bleakest to grace UR for quite some time. It's actually quite a handsome existing building in very pleasant surroundings. But this proposal is a sea of tarmac and parking doing everything it can to hide a decent looking building and provide next to no amenity for the future residents.
#2 Posted by careketton on 4 May 2023 at 09:44 AM
UR should real start an annual competiton for bleakest / most anaemic / sallowest visual - there's plenty competition...
#3 Posted by Disappointed on 24 Jul 2023 at 08:37 AM
How is all the excess traffic going to be accommodated on an already VERY busy road???

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