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Derelict Shawbridge Arcade to be replaced by 71 flats

November 11 2022

Derelict Shawbridge Arcade to be replaced by 71 flats

Coltart Earley Architects have followed up consultations for 71 apartments in Pollokshaws, Glasgow, with a firm planning application.

Working with the Wheatley Group the practice propose to demolish the 1970s Shawbridge Arcade to erect eight new build blocks of up to five storeys, in addition to office space for Glasgow Housing Association.

In a stement Coltart Earley wrote: "The proposed new design ethos is underpinned by creating a new sense of place and ownership to Ashtree Road, Greenview Street and Toon Hoose Square. We look to achieve this by utilising a modern tenemental elevational proportion, robust material palette, and soft landscaping to create a more pleasant streetscape and amenity spaces.

"An active ground floor frontage onto Toon Hoose Square, provides activity to the historic town centre of Pollokshaws. The focal point corner block creates a focus of the design hierarchy at this crucial junction."

Seeking to repair the built environment the work includes soft landscaping to Greenview Street with parking limited to unallocated bays.

A separate planning application by Connecting Pollokshaws, a community group design team, will set out plans for landscaping an adjacent square.  


Bob ra Builder
#1 Posted by Bob ra Builder on 11 Nov 2022 at 18:48 PM
Copy paste effort - well done!

Didn't blow the fee on that one.
Graeme McCormick
#2 Posted by Graeme McCormick on 14 Nov 2022 at 17:32 PM
love the flowing lines!
Bob ra Builder
#3 Posted by Bob ra Builder on 14 Nov 2022 at 19:45 PM
Oops! might have been copy paste but does someone not know how to mirror text..whit a riddy!
James Hepburn
#4 Posted by James Hepburn on 15 Nov 2022 at 12:04 PM
Just look at the effort that's got into designing these! The Wheatley Group is Scotland's answer to 'what is the lowest common denominator?'
john quinn
#5 Posted by john quinn on 14 Oct 2023 at 16:28 PM
I am an Architect. I lived in Pollokshaws for a number of years. This displays a series of clustered housing with brick facades. These buildings are high shadowing the infrastructure. I DO NOT LIKE THESE BUILDINGS AT ALL.

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