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Dundee Waterfront expands office provision

August 12 2022

Dundee Waterfront expands office provision

Cooper Cromar has drafted plans for a 7,000sq/m office block and two ground-floor commercial units at Dundee Waterfront on behalf of the city council, superseding earlier plans for a hotel.

Fronting Riverside Esplanade the build will adjoin the recently completed Agnes Husband House to the west the grade A office space occupies a prime position overlooking the V&A. Segmented into thirds horizontally to break up apparent massing the build emphasises the central portion through varying colours and treatment with a recessed fifth floor opening up views across the River Tay.

Utilising dark and mid-grey GRC rain screen cladding the office block will incorporate an active frontage with tenant cycling and changing facilities accessible from an inner courtyard.

The architects wrote: "Site 6 commands a prominent location and will be highly visible from a large number of key locations in and around the waterfront area.

"The proposed buildings should provide bold landmark designs that will create a strong identity for the Waterfront and address the approaching vistas, which in turn will aid wayfinding within this new area of the City Centre."

The project team is led by Robertson Construction. 

Site six occupies a prime spot opposite the V&A Dundee
Site six occupies a prime spot opposite the V&A Dundee
Varying façade treatments will reduce apparent length
Varying façade treatments will reduce apparent length


Dundee fan club
#1 Posted by Dundee fan club on 12 Aug 2022 at 13:15 PM
Dreadful scheme. Poor quality architecture design and detailing.
#2 Posted by Charlie_ on 12 Aug 2022 at 14:24 PM
Cooper and Cromar must be stopped!
oh no
#3 Posted by oh no on 12 Aug 2022 at 15:40 PM
oh no
Dundee desperados
#4 Posted by Dundee desperados on 13 Aug 2022 at 16:13 PM
Is this really what Dundee needs? More offices, when it is clear that office accommodation in Dundee is already undersubscribed. As for retail, just look at the High Street and Murraygate to see why areas are being reduced to fractions of what they were. Come on Dundee, stick to reality. Don't sell of the family silver for pipe dreams.
Auntie Nairn
#5 Posted by Auntie Nairn on 14 Aug 2022 at 17:33 PM
What a shocker!! A building with one (public) elevation and CC couldn't do a decent job.
If the change in treatment is to reduce the apparent length, you have to ask why? The detail design of the V&A is horizontally expressed, so why not reference that rather than just being not the same as its' neighbour.
Oh, and #4 I believe there is a shortage of quality office space in Dundee, otherwise BT wouldn't be building ne just a stones throw from this.
#6 Posted by alibi on 15 Aug 2022 at 13:01 PM
If you insist on trashing your landmark setting, go right ahead.
#7 Posted by Dulnain on 16 Aug 2022 at 17:41 PM
What the architect wrote and what the architect conceived appear to be in conflict. It is very much in the Dundee tradition of turning its back to the river frontage.
#8 Posted by Bill on 18 Aug 2022 at 15:25 PM
Top quality accommodation that will cater for business needs. Space meeting the highest standards. Yes this is the positive investment that Dundee needs.
Ian Stout
#9 Posted by Ian Stout on 22 Aug 2022 at 21:08 PM
The V&A Dundee, Scotland's Design Museum, is the
"Jewel in the Crown of the Dundee Waterfront.It's unique
form requires ample space and distance for it to be viewed and appreciated. The existing office building already seriously impinges on this and any further building will almost completely obscure it.

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