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Glasgow’s latest BTR tower tops out at 20 storeys

July 8 2022

Glasgow’s latest BTR tower tops out at 20 storeys

Glasgow’s latest build to rent (BTR) tower has stamped its mark on the city skyline in a race to complete with Holland Park.

The 20-storey tower at Central Quay is being delivered by Graham on behalf of Platform_as part of a £100m project designed by Keppie that will include 498 apartments spread across four blocks.

Part of a wave of development to repopulate the city centre the development will be home to 1,000 residents upon completion and include a gym, landscaped courtyard, twin roof terraces, a library and cinema.

Matt James, senior project manager at Platform_, said: “The tower will feature two 19th floor amenity spaces; a residents’ lounge and bookable private dining room with breathtaking views across the city.”  

The development is scheduled to complete by the end of 2023.


Direction to Edinburgh
#1 Posted by Direction to Edinburgh on 8 Jul 2022 at 19:43 PM
Awesome ….. Glasgow needs more of this
James Hepburn
#2 Posted by James Hepburn on 9 Jul 2022 at 11:10 AM
Wow! Look at the imagination that's gone into the design!
#3 Posted by Lovely on 9 Jul 2022 at 11:21 AM
Dystopian or what? Just need to add the feeding tubes and super fast cerebral internet connections and we're in The Matrix before we know it...!
town planner
#4 Posted by town planner on 9 Jul 2022 at 13:52 PM
On the plus side, it does add some more density and elevation to the city centre. But I still think there could be more ambition with height in a location like that, eg right next to the motorway and along the Clyde. (it's v Scottish ground-scraper)

Design-wise looks solid enough, but probably fair to say ain't taking our collective breath away.
#5 Posted by Billy on 9 Jul 2022 at 16:59 PM
Do Glaswegians get nosebleeds or faint if they go to altitudes above 20 floors? Other UK cities seem to build twice as high or at least higher.
Bob ra Builder
#6 Posted by Bob ra Builder on 9 Jul 2022 at 18:37 PM
#5. If they were above 20 floors in Glasgow they would then be occupied by drug dealers with devil dogs.
#7 Posted by John on 11 Jul 2022 at 08:45 AM
#8 Posted by Peter on 11 Jul 2022 at 09:16 AM
#6 From local perspective - locate Police Station somewhere mid-level and we're good.
#9 Posted by Roddy- on 11 Jul 2022 at 11:59 AM
Great to see an empty gap site that has blighted the Glasgow landscape for decades finally developed. A+
Fat Bloke on Tour
#10 Posted by Fat Bloke on Tour on 11 Jul 2022 at 13:57 PM
Much needed filler.
Not A+ in design -- but it doesn't need to be.
Main stream stack-a-pleb to deliver city centre living.

The big issue is the number of prairie sites on the other side of the Kingston Bridge.

If this development brings them closer to a build then it will be a double plus.
Andrew Mackay
#11 Posted by Andrew Mackay on 15 Jul 2022 at 08:41 AM
Lets hope they don't turn into the slums of tomorrow. Security is needed for these new builds to ensure that they stay in good condition.
#12 Posted by ADL on 24 Aug 2022 at 10:53 AM
Given that these rent at £1200+ a month (Looking at MODA Homes as an example) thats 498+ people with that amount to spend on a flat (plus council tax?) although I expect a fair proprtion wil be AirBNBs

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