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Global whisky hub to put Falkland on the tourist map

June 21 2022

Global whisky hub to put Falkland on the tourist map

A former linoleum factory in the Fife town of Falkland will host the headquarters of a business turning Scotch whisky from something you drink into a commodity.

Scotch Whisky Investments will construct the main office on the 3.64-hectare St John's Works, which would also host a museum, restaurants and hotel. Separate warehouses would be built in Glenrothes by Andrew Black Design.

Backers pledge an 'iconic' design to celebrate Scotch whisky in all its forms as part of a major tourist attraction and administrative hub centred on the Valentino Zagatti whisky collection which is to be relocated from the Netherlands.

A raft of community benefits are also promised including a park, village green, micro-forest and playground. A number of cottages are also planned to provide ancillary visitor and staff accommodation as well as specialist shops.

Keith Rennie, director for Scotch Whisky Investments, said: “Our vision as a company is to showcase and educate people about single malt Scotch whisky, as well as promote investment in the commodity and provide new facilities for Falkland. "We look forward to engaging with the public on these proposals and keeping the community updated as they progress."

A proposal of application notice has already been filed with Fife Council ahead of an online consultation in August.

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Matt Benians
#1 Posted by Matt Benians on 21 Jun 2022 at 19:13 PM
I think you'll find that Falkland is already 'on the tourist map' given the historic Falkland Palace and Garden!
The nearby Pillars of Hercules organic farm shop and cafe is a must visit
There are great walks within historic policies and grounds of the Falkland Estate.
I'm a landscape architect who doesn't work for visit Scotland or the Fife Tourist Board in my spare time. However, I do like a dram and a great day out!

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