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Golfhill Primary facade retention ok'd by planners

June 1 2022

Golfhill Primary facade retention ok'd by planners

A bid by Spectrum Properties to repurpose the B-listed Golfhill School at Circus Drive,Dennistoun, has been given the go-ahead by planners.

Considered to be largely beyond repair the historic school is to be demolished, save for the principal southern elevation and twin octagonal towers to its east and west flanks.

Built by Alexander Nesbit Paterson on behalf of the Glasgow School Board in 1902 the building suffers from structural movement and partial collapse caused by groundwater action.

William Roddie, director of family-owned Spectrum Properties said: “The Golfhill School site had been closed because of subsidence and had lain unused for some 12 years before we bought it nearly four years ago.

“It is a substantial task to retain what can be salvaged of the building, including expensive and technically challenging façade retention but, as a local company, we feel an obligation to the people of Dennistoun to maintain a link to a history which means so much to so many people.”

Cross-subsidy funding from a new build development on an adjoining site will fund the transformation, with 134 flats planned in total to designs by Jewitt & Wilkie Architects. 


#1 Posted by Mick on 1 Jun 2022 at 13:13 PM
Utterly shocking. Another east end school bites the dust. Compare this to the many school buildings saved and repurposed in the west end. Class politics and architecture. Anyone care to comment?
#2 Posted by David on 1 Jun 2022 at 14:09 PM
This building has been left to wrot for at least 15 years. Shocking. GCC should be ashamed. Perhaps we need to have a public database of all historic buildings that have been shamefully demolished...
#3 Posted by Ben on 1 Jun 2022 at 16:19 PM
Agree that it is terrible that it has been allowed to decay to the point of the interior needing to be demolished, but at least the majority of the facades will be saved. It is a much better result than Haghill School which has been demolished entirely save the ground floor of the facades. This is a long forgotten corner of Dennistoun, I am looking forward to seeing the works begin, and the saving grace of this project is that the facades are being safeguarded and will be part of the area in the future too.
#4 Posted by spike on 1 Jun 2022 at 18:42 PM
This building has been standing derelict for far too long; work must start immediately to prevent further deterioration!

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