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27 Jan 2006 - No comments
Glasgow’s ADF Architects has been shortlisted for the competition to design Urban Splash’s 40,500 square metre redevelopment on a site adjacent to the Midland Hotel on Morecambe’s Central...
27 Jan 2006 - No comments
Claims that the EDI, Edinburgh City Council’s arm’s-length development company, is to be sold off to raise capital have been denied by Ian Wall, the chief executive of EDI. Wall said:...
27 Jan 2006 - No comments
The master plan for the mixed-use development around the new National Arena next to the SECC has come under heavy criticism from the design review panel of Architecture and Design Scotland. The...
27 Jan 2006 - No comments
Despite having painstakingly brought the eight different owners of the site together over two years, Malcolm Fraser Architects has been overlooked to design a replacement for the building destroyed...
27 Jan 2006 - No comments
Terry Farrell Architects has submitted an outline planning application for “a sustainable community” with a top-class hotel and a substantial marina on the Moray Firth. Whiteness Property...

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