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16 Nov 2005 - No comments
The Guardian called it “Blair’s day of calamity” and his “worst day in politics”. The day afterwards however, Tony Blair was in Manchester to switch on the Co-operative Insurance Society...
16 Nov 2005 - No comments
The master plan for Stockport is still failing to deal with cultural issues. This is the tacit admission of officials, following the latest release of details of the master plan by Stockport...
16 Nov 2005 - No comments
The Allerton Bywater Millennium Community is to become the testing ground for John Prescott’s £60,000 home scheme. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister announced last month that Barratts will...
16 Nov 2005 - No comments
The developer Andrew Burrell has heavily criticised Waterfront Edinburgh for the low quality of its latest development. Burrell described Waterfront Edinburgh’s own design for Madelvic 8, a...
16 Nov 2005 - No comments
When the Scottish Parliament picked up the Stirling Prize many believed that this was really an opportunity to, in the words of Lord Fraser, ‘draw a line’ under the affair. Reactions to the...

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