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'Remove & reclad' bid to repurpose Altens offices for housing

March 22 2021

'Remove & reclad' bid to repurpose Altens offices for housing

Faro Capital has launched a public consultation into its plans for the residential-led redevelopment of a redundant office building at Wellington Circle, Altens, south of Aberdeen.

Quattro House has lain empty since 2016 with little likelihood of attracting tenants in the immediate future, sparking a push to find an alternative use for the building.

While the current site is designated for commercial and industrial use it neighbours existing housing, which has informed a 'remove and reclad' approach by architects Halliday Fraser Munro to replace the existing facade as part of the conversion to 90 apartments. As part of this work, the southern wing will be demolished to permit new-build apartments.

In consultation documents, Faro wrote: "The main building will be reused and repurposed for residential apartments including additional upper storeys which will provide residents with attractive views across the City. Through the retention of the existing building and courtyard, the proposed development will create quiet, private, south-facing amenity space for residents with good quality landscaping and areas of open space."

An online engagement event will take place on 30 March between 14:00 and 20:00 and can be pre-booked now. All feedback should be received no later than 13 April.

Existing infrastructure and an inner courtyard will be retained
Existing infrastructure and an inner courtyard will be retained

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Don Diamante
#1 Posted by Don Diamante on 22 Mar 2021 at 09:55 AM
Attractive views including 'back end of the main postal sorting depot', and 'forklift manouvres in adjacent yard'.
Also, all those bonny green plants in the images will be industrial brown within one year, just see the existing photo for proof.
So, now we are getting into a major problem with town planning's long held vision of offices being built in out of town estates that, during office market downturns, these buildings are absolutely useless for anything else due solely to their location. Old-school mixed-use communities were not seen as the modern way of buiding, and now we are in the ludicrous situation whereby the majority of housing is in suburbs, the offices are in industrial estates and now being converted to housing STILL outwith the city, and the city (crying out for local footfall) is left to rot away as people are forced to live and work out of the city centre due to town planning madness and a complete lack of competent long term thinking.
Cities become cities because people continue to live and work there. Not this city though.

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