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Leisure-led River Tay masterplan to deliver Perth gateway

January 18 2021

Leisure-led River Tay masterplan to deliver Perth gateway

Plant machinery plan Morris Leslie has revealed plans to transform its headquarters at West Kinfauns, Perthshire, with a £33.8m leisure-led development.

A four-star hotel of up to 150 rooms, holiday cabins and a museum are planned for the River Tay site, the latter telling the history of transport and vehicles from the past century.

This will bring to life several personalities associated with the sector including Buick founder David Buick; Harley Davidson co-founder William Davidson and Preston Watson, who reputedly made the first powered flight from Errol Airfield ten months before the Wright Brothers.

Morris Leslie, chairman of Morris Leslie, said: “Well-connected to the surrounding road network, including the A90, this premium destination will provide a gateway to Perth, to the surrounding area and beyond.

“The proposed scheme is of a scale that can support additional development and is ideally placed in terms of transport connection."

A proposal of application notice has been filed by ICA Architects ahead of a digital consultation scheduled for 16 March

It is hoped that the development will attract 80,000 visitors per year
It is hoped that the development will attract 80,000 visitors per year

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Stephen windsor
#1 Posted by Stephen windsor on 19 Jan 2021 at 14:02 PM
Not good news for the local community. Mainly a mix of retired people and some working families. This is a very quiet community and this is why people move here. The community is ignored by the council who refuse to put in a pavement despite serious accidents involving speeding vehicles.....Such a development would massively increase the flow of traffic thus putting pedestrians at even greater risk....This money making scheme ignores the local residents. We have already been informed that the planning department will recommend approval. This is the same planning department that promised a packed meeting that no further development would be allowed in this area. Indeed the proposed development goes against the Perth Local plan.
Should this happen then visitors to this development can enjoy the stench which comes from the sewage works just across the river. They can enjoy the constant noise from the traffic passing over the Friarton bridge. Let's not forget the trains that pass every hour and the tuneful blast from their whistles.
According to the council 25% of traffic passing through the 30 mph area are doing over 55 mph some over 70. The council refuses to listen to residents and police inspectors who stated this area was an accident waiting to happen. This was prior to my wife being involved in two incidents with speeding traffic that left he disabled. The third incident was when a cyclist knocked her down.
As it is local residents refuse to leave their homes for a walk when the traffic is heavy this will only get worse.
Of course none of this will matter as concerns of locals are only paid lip service.

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