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Rubbish idea for church

September 25 2008

Recycling has become a religion for many, as millions dutifully sort and limit their household waste.  One church however is planning to take recycling a stage further with wholly new evangelical fervour.  

Colston Milton Parish Church has received £43,000 grant from the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund to “investigate the possibility” of building the first place of worship in Scotland to be built from reclaimed materials.  A sum bolstered by a five figure sum raised from the sale of the original church hall.

Rev Christopher Rowe, prompted by heating bills of up to £10,000 per annum, points out the unconventional materials that could be utilised for the radical construction approach.

"There are loads of things which could be used for this project, old drinks cans, earth, wood, old car tyres, rubble from demolished buildings, car windscreens, the list goes on and on.”

"A wonderful group of men and women who drink in the woods got inspired by the idea when I was telling them about it, so they started bringing their empty beer cans to the manse to use in the new building."

"In a conventional building project all the money goes straight into the pocket of big construction companies. I want the money we raise to go to build, not just a building, but the local community.”

"By using simple construction methods we hope that local people will actually build the building themselves. It will be built by them, and owned by them, and used by them."

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