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Bug bashing barrier in germ offensive

September 23 2008

Born and bred Welshman Peter Greening, a former decorator from Cardiff, has established Ag Tech to manufacture customised MDF wallboards powder coated with a silver-based anti-microbial agent.   The germ graveyard is designed to halt the spread of potentially deadly pathogens such as MRSA and E.coli. 

The first of its kind to be manufactured internationally, the product is designed primarily for internal use in hospitals, kitchens, public toilets and sports centres.  The nearest alternative is anti-microbial paint which is not only expensive, but can also be hazardous to apply. 

The silver-based anti-microbial agent has excelled in independent tests:
•    Proven to kill 99+% of bacteria in 6 hours, and typically kills the majority in the first 30 minutes.
•    Published reports show that silver technology is effective against a wide variety of viruses including Avian Flu and SARS.
•    Studies show that silver reduces the surface tension of the powder coat finish making it easier to clean.
•    The AgTech product is particularly effective against E.coli which is the commonest bacterium found in toilets.
•    The system is the least expensive method of controlling microbial spread on walls.

Peter was inspired to develop the product when, during a spell in hospital, he noticed that, although the surfaces were cleaned regularly, the wall panels were potentially rife breeding grounds for superbugs.  On his discharge from hospital Peter began researching existing anti-microbial products on the market only to find that there were flaws with all of them. 

“I couldn’t believe that with so many people contracting MRSA and other deadly bugs, there were no good products on the market to stop them spreading on wall surfaces.  In my research I discovered that DuPont made an anti-microbial powder so I got in contact with them and started to investigate the application of the powder on MDF.  Finally, after exhaustive testing, AgTech was born.  Being a painter and decorator I saw the benefit of producing the boards in a variety of colours so that they are a finished product when they leave the factory.”

“Nearly twice as many people are killed by superbugs, such as MRSA and E.coli, in Britain’s hospitals as die in UK road accidents.” 

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