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Milltimber residential masterplan encounters friction as hundreds object

May 27 2020

 Milltimber residential masterplan encounters friction as hundreds object

A masterplan prepared by Halliday Fraser Munro on behalf of Bancon Homes illustrates how 99 homes set behind a linear park on an 11.5-hectare farmland site currently used as paddocks within the Dee Valley.

Situated six miles from Aberdeen city centre the predominantly residential scheme would sit alongside the Old Deeside railway line, now a cycle route, with a modest retail and business element positioned in the northeast corner.

Over 350 locals have written to object to the build, citing loss of green belt, over development and insufficient infrastructure to accommodate the new homes.

Among those critical of the plans was Robin Dyer who wrote: "To build on this site would be an act of vandalism and seriously detract from the tourist experience in the future." These sentiments were echoed by pam Atkinson who said: "Green belt areas have been reduced all over Aberdeen already and I think this development would significantly impact the beauty and walks in the area. I also do not believe that local schools are big enough to support this development."

In a masterplan statement, the developer pledged to respect the existing character of the area, writing: "The block structure will create an informal street pattern with landscaping used to avoid continuous frontages of housing to reflect the development pattern of the south side of North Deeside Road.

"The streets evolve into rural routes, which are tree-lined with walls and hedging enclosing large gardens. The proportions of these plots are critical to maintaining the traditional Deeside character and the avoidance of dominant driveways and garages is essential to avoid creating the 'anywhere' suburban style of the late 20th century."

This approach has won round a handful of locals to favour the scheme, citing the longstanding need for a shop in the area and the relatively low density of housing.

Bancon have pledged to create homes with local character on the site
Bancon have pledged to create homes with local character on the site
The loss of greenspace has alarmed many in the area
The loss of greenspace has alarmed many in the area

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J Gardiner
#1 Posted by J Gardiner on 10 Jul 2020 at 19:20 PM
Unemployment is increasing rapidly in the Aberdeen area and according to some the problem will continue for years to come. So who will buy these houses should the council give approval for this development on such a lovely location? Will it the part exchange scheme where the developer buys in at a knock down price and adds the pre owned property on to an already overstocked market.
This approach devalues all pre owned properties resulting in those choosing not to buy direct from the developer has to reduce their asking price if they want to move on. I trust our council will adopt a long tern view when considering this application and refuse it out of hand. I fear that should the application be refused Bancon will simply return to their previous plan for 60 homes plus. I ask all interested parties to keep a close watch on proceedings and do not be distracted by other matters at this difficult time.

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