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Exhibition hails Laurieston as a regeneration role model

November 22 2019

Exhibition hails Laurieston as a regeneration role model

A £140m residential-led regeneration of Glasgow’s Laurieston district has taken pride of place at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture.

Led by Urban Union the inner-city renewal programme seeks to deliver hundreds of homes over a nine-year period, illustrated by a scale model built by Stallan-Brand Architects and Twa Dugs Design to communicate the full scale of the planned work to the public.

Paul Stallan, co-founder of Stallan Brand, said: “We have been involved in the Laurieston masterplan for close to ten years, and our aspiration throughout has been to promote urban housing that enables diversity, placemaking and design richness while engaging fully with the city.”

Neil McKay managing director at Urban Union, added: “The scale of Laurieston Living, with hundreds of homes being built across several years and phases, is hard to comprehend. It’s not until you see this fantastic model that you really get a sense of how big the development is and how many lives will continue to be transformed for the better by it.”

The free exhibition will run at the RSA gallery at The Mound, Edinburgh, until 11 December.

Detailed designs for the latest phase of the masterplan are currently being drawn up with McGinlay Bell.
Detailed designs for the latest phase of the masterplan are currently being drawn up with McGinlay Bell.


#1 Posted by Charlie_ on 22 Nov 2019 at 12:21 PM
The incomprehensible number of years its taking to build ~800 homes hardly seems like something to boast about.
Edward Harkins
#2 Posted by Edward Harkins on 22 Nov 2019 at 12:24 PM
Here’s hoping that the Lauriston regeneration era builds on the success of the Glasgow New Gorbals. I’ve long contended that the New Gorbals is one of the very few (only?) truly successful large-scale community regeneration projects across the UK. Now an exemplar on urban regeneration, it was once a byword for violent slumdon (& the dubious basis of that inexecrable penny dreadful, ‘No Mean City’)
#3 Posted by spike on 23 Nov 2019 at 18:33 PM
Some real quality arichitecture being built here,simple designs but finished in quality materials which will endure into the future.
#4 Posted by Chris on 24 Nov 2019 at 13:04 PM
Just wish the density was a bit higher. It's a prime location, so it should be able to support a higher population.
#5 Posted by wonky on 25 Nov 2019 at 12:13 PM
The New Gorbals is impressive in general, and mightily so in cluster areas, such as St Francis Rigg area, Kidston Terrace & St Ninians Terrace- is was a terrifically ambitious masterplan by CZWG in terms of scale etc, whatever some critics say about the 'pastiche' elements. It's scale & density that lets the Laurieston vision down a little I think. A successful New Gorbals, close proximity to the City, framed by two bus corridors in Gorbals Street & Eglinton St & with subway station at Bridge Street, it certainly could have been more ambitious on scale & density. The planned Page/Park 7 storey tower structure on Crown Street should have been the bench-mark for Laurieston- at least 7 to 8 at the urban edges. I think we also need to see more cohesion overall and an integration of Oxford Street/South Portland St/Nicholson & Coburg St) alongside Carlton Place before we can say its a 'regeneration role model'.

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