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Planning filed for Renton education campus

October 10 2019

Planning filed for Renton education campus

Holmes Miller has submitted a planning application for the creation of a new educational campus for West Dunbartonshire Council, on behalf of Morgan Sindall.

To be built on the current Renton Primary school site, the new campus is specified to include a new Renton Primary School, Renton Language & Communication Unit (an Additional Support Needs enhanced support setting) and a new Riverside Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC).

Upon completion the facility will take on the role of a ‘Learning Ladder’ with stages of learning configured vertically to reflect the changing ways in which pupils engage with learning as they develop. The playground accommodates external learning and is complimented with external terraces at the upper levels to provide direct access to the learning zones.

Construction work is expected to commence in 2020.

Planning filed for Renton education campus

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