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New Waverley UK government hub handed over

June 13 2019

New Waverley UK government hub handed over

New Waverley developer Artisan Real Estate has handed over a key element of its masterplan for the area around d Edinburgh’s Waverley Station with completion of a UK government hub.

Located within the Old Town World Heritage site the development provides 190,000sq/ft of floor space within two interlinked office buildings clad in Stanton Moor buff sandstone.

Designed by Allan Murray Architects the space will provide a  home to 3,000 civil servants when fully occupied next spring, when staff will be able to enjoy a landscaped roof terrace offering panoramic views across the Waverley Valley.

Artisan property director Clive Wilding said: “Place-making was at the heart of our plans for this iconic site from the very beginning. With the UK Government Edinburgh Hub at its heart, I am confident that we are delivering what we have set out to achieve – a vibrant community for people to work, rest, and enjoy.”

Shane McCullagh, contracts director at main contractor McAleer & Rushe added: “This landmark building is a stand out project for McAleer & Rushe, demonstrating the highest quality and our largest design & build office completed to date.”

Elsewhere work continues on the delivery of 66 homes, 11,000sq/ft of retail and 59 underground parking spaces as part of the £200m masterplan.

New Waverley will serve as one of 13 regional government hubs
New Waverley will serve as one of 13 regional government hubs
The UK government will lease 190,000sq/ft of grade A office space
The UK government will lease 190,000sq/ft of grade A office space


#1 Posted by IndyNoo on 13 Jun 2019 at 16:58 PM
What will happen when we gain Independence? Will the UK Government still want to lease these buildings?
#2 Posted by 13h202 on 13 Jun 2019 at 20:16 PM
It'll make a great British Embassy when we go independent. A place that size may well be needed as an independent Scotland would have a sizeable population of British citizens, more so than most other countries.
Strong & Stable
#3 Posted by Strong & Stable on 13 Jun 2019 at 23:28 PM
Assuming that in the event of Scotland becoming independent, what ever is locating here (HMRC?) and being presided over at their New Waverley hub is transferred over to the Scottish government as an iScotland is going to need these to function albeit at a reduced number. If not, it would be released back into the private market for commerical buyers as I doubt the rUK government would want these functions to be handled anywhere other than within their own borders.

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