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Temporary Torry viewpoint opens ‘window to the sea’

December 3 2018

Temporary Torry viewpoint opens ‘window to the sea’

Greyhope Bay have filed plans top erect a temporary viewing platform at Torry Battery, Aberdeen, as a precursor to a £10m permanent marine centre at the historic beauty spot.

The charity is seeking to enhance the appeal of the fortified ancient monument by offering a range of new facilities to visitors as well as a space for dolphin and seascape viewing.

In a design statement Gokay Deveci, professor of architecture at Robert Gordon University, wrote: “The viewing platform will be created from two shipping containers, cladded with Scottish larch wood. Using a pre-existing structure delivers an affordable and fully recyclable unit with minimum impact on site and a ready-made canvas to build a unique window to the sea.

“The design includes a glass fronted facility to the North taking advantage of the views and flexible indoor space that will allow for a simple coffee point to serve both visitors that come indoors and those enjoying the outside space. The outside space will include decking that will act as both an accessible walkway to explore the historic remains of the battery, the viewing platform and will include space for outdoor seating.”

The self-contained space will also include an exhibition hall, café and toilets, all subject to the support of planners. It is believed the project can be delivered by June 2019.

The platform will stand on a concrete pad above blockwork piers, reusing an existing stone wall
The platform will stand on a concrete pad above blockwork piers, reusing an existing stone wall


Robin Bs Discount Store
#1 Posted by Robin Bs Discount Store on 3 Dec 2018 at 13:35 PM
That really is tragic.
#2 Posted by Mansart on 3 Dec 2018 at 14:31 PM
A needless obstruction to a good view!
#3 Posted by FFS on 4 Dec 2018 at 09:27 AM
And this is coming from the school of architecture!....cant even put together decent images to sell the scheme.
As a former student at SSSA I am embarrassed.

torry exile
#4 Posted by torry exile on 4 Dec 2018 at 16:23 PM
fye wid yi baither coverin ah coupla ah auld scrap yard kintainers wi timmer fin yi cood pint on a widin effect? yi coodni tell until yi wir close up bsides them torry loons will hae thi wid ripped aff in nae time and mak a gran bonfire.

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