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388 Leith Docks homes break ground at Ocean Terminal

November 19 2018

388 Leith Docks homes break ground at Ocean Terminal

CALA Homes have commenced work on 388 new homes ranging from flats to townhouses and colony-style properties at Leith Waterfront opposite Ocean Terminal.

The brownfield development secured the unanimous backing of councillors despite being zoned for commercial use and will include 82 homes to be built and brought to market by a housing association with a further 15 properties delivered via the council’s Golden Share model.

Prepared by EMA the scheme will include a square, green space and café fronting Victoria Dock and complemented by 11,500sq/m of flexible ‘workspace units.

Craig Lynes, Land Director at CALA Homes (East), said: “This is a milestone moment for Leith’s famous waterfront and will make a significant and tangible difference to the prosperity of the wider area.

“By responding to the demand for a range of high-quality homes, improved public realm and connectivity to the Shore from Ocean Terminal, the site represents a success story for the council’s planning system. It has realised the potential of a brownfield site which has lain derelict for decades.”

It is expected that the first show homes could be ready by summer 2019 with the first homes ready for occupation toward the end of that year.

The first new residents could be moving in by the end of next year
The first new residents could be moving in by the end of next year
The masterplan calls for delivery of a variety of housing types
The masterplan calls for delivery of a variety of housing types


#1 Posted by basho on 19 Nov 2018 at 12:30 PM
Good to see this area of disused land being developed at last - but the design is disappointing and monotonous.
This was one of the few areas in Edinburgh where you could have got away with trying something bold and interesting. A missed opportunity.
boaby wan
#2 Posted by boaby wan on 19 Nov 2018 at 13:08 PM
Another boring, uninspired, stack em high faceless development from cala, and the classic "colony style" strikes again!
If the site use is going to be changed can they not ask someone with an ounce of imagination to look at how to use the site?
More residential in this area isn't going to do anything to help with regeneration it's only a matter of time before ocean terminal properly fails and is replaced by poor quality housing stock
Ken Sharp
#3 Posted by Ken Sharp on 19 Nov 2018 at 16:35 PM
Must admit it does look like more of the same boring old stack-em-high blocks that are sprouting up between Leith and Newhaven. They seem to get shabby so quickly. A look round the corner at the redevelopment of the old Fort site shows what can be done. More affordable housing like that would do wonders for the area.
#4 Posted by Sean on 19 Nov 2018 at 21:55 PM
The odd thing about Leith, despite all the money poured into it, it still looks shabby, dirty, tired and down at heel? I'm sure CALA East are rubbing their hands with glee, building this new developement, what is effectively going to be a gated community. 388 new units, does that mean 388 more privately owned vehicles, using an already congested area? But ofcourse this is new. Take a walk along Leith's historic Commercial Street, usually strewn with rubbish, dog faeces overflowing bins. Try and get across Commercial Street between Ocean Drive and the Citadel. You might not live to tell the tale. Wrecked cars can sit on Commercial for weeks, while Police Scotland and the Edinburgh Council play pin-pong as to who is responsible for the removal. I'm still waiting for my much vaunted SNP / MSP to get back to me. Crime, grime, Graffetti and poor air quality, in an already over crowded area. Who cares? This is the reality of 2018/9 Leith. Oh yes, and the 'Trams' are on their way. God help us, based on the Trams Phase 1 roll out. All of this smacks of developers making hay, while the Sun shines. Before the next financial crash and they will move on, leaving someone else to pick up the pieces. Welcome to Leith. Provided you don't actually have to live here!
Trombe Wall
#5 Posted by Trombe Wall on 20 Nov 2018 at 08:22 AM
I'm surprised at the negativity. The scheme is significantly better considered than the current stuff going up around the Asda Newhaven, they've also at least included an active frontage opposite OT and maintained the current desire through the site. I love Leith and i sincerely hope the tram extension will see the place flourish and reduce car use in and around this area. If you forget the cost and delays (big ask), a tram line running down to Leith should be very well used.
boaby wan
#6 Posted by boaby wan on 20 Nov 2018 at 09:12 AM
"significantly better considered than the current stuff going up around the Asda Newhaven" - that shouldn't be the bar!
Shon Pritchard
#7 Posted by Shon Pritchard on 20 Nov 2018 at 12:30 PM
Our era of residential architecture is committed to the boring and monotonous style. Future generations will look back like we look back to the mid century blocks ask what were they thinking.
#8 Posted by Roysters on 20 Nov 2018 at 18:21 PM
There appears to be next to no engagement with the water's edge of the dock and next to no green space for a child to kick a ball around in (unless that triangular parcel to land over the road or the Scottish Exec 5s pitch can be used?!) How far away is Victoria Park again?
Anywhere-architecture strikes again.
What happened to the schemes penned pre-recession?
#9 Posted by StyleCouncil on 21 Nov 2018 at 18:44 PM
Yep, could be anywhere..infill dross at best.
Looks like a poor mans Brunswick Road.
What are they on about with the Colony chat!? These are nothing like colonies...on any level.
Islands of sanity
#10 Posted by Islands of sanity on 26 Nov 2018 at 21:43 PM
Spot on #5

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