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Glasgow office market back in rude health

October 25 2018

Glasgow office market back in rude health

Dem-Master have moved on site with the demolition of Glasgow’s Corunna House as a first step in the delivery of a 227,000sq/ft office block designed by Cooper Cromar.

Rising over 12 floors The Grid will combine a double-height reception space with a café and concierge as well as co-working areas, breakout spaces and outsize stairs which double as an informal meeting space and auditorium.

At the other end of the building the uppermost three levels benefit from south facing balconies dominated by a double-height sky garden. A communal rooftop business lounge and garden completes the accommodation mix.

Marketed as a ‘healthy’ building the developers are partnering with the International Well Building Institute which certifies its own rating standard for factors relating to building design, construction and management that are thought to contribute to the health and ‘wellness’ of occupiers.

Site clearance ought to conclude by April next year with full completion scheduled for late 2021, a year later than initially planned.

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#1 Posted by MV on 25 Oct 2018 at 14:21 PM
Its great to see some new office floor space being brought forward in Glasgow.

However... What do you do when you have a circa 40m wide office floor plate and are 20m away from a window? You get sad/ SAD/ Depressed. Solution? "We'll market the development as a healthy building and introduce a double height, yes double height, Sky garden. It'll have a roof and walls and face North, there wont be any grass or a nice breeze (gale), but there will be some potted trees and those SAD employees on the storeys below can come up and pretend not to be SAD anymore. They'll probably even Insta it to their friends to demonstrate how happy they actually are in this marvellous healthy building, and everyone will be really jealous. It's amazing what people will fall for these days". (everyone pats each others backs, and they all fall down laughing).


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