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Thorntonhall farm earmarked for new homes

September 3 2018

Thorntonhall farm earmarked for new homes

EMA Architects have signaled their intent to build five new homes at Cartside Farm in Thorntonhall with submission of a planning application.

The contemporary properties will be faced in stone and zinc and include their own orchard and open space and surrounded by existing farmland.

In a statement the practice wrote: “This proposal represents a great opportunity to redevelop a redundant agricultural site. The design, which includes five bespoke new family homes, considers the scale, form and character of the former farm buildings and compliments the rural character of the area.

“A considered approach to landscape will also embed the new development into the existing setting – new native planting and an orchard will contain the development and will ensure that the proposal sits comfortably within the surrounding countryside from the outset.”

A new access road will also be built to service the new properties.

Homes will echo the traditional forms of the existing farmhouse
Homes will echo the traditional forms of the existing farmhouse
The five homes will be clustered around a shared orchard
The five homes will be clustered around a shared orchard


Trombe Wall
#1 Posted by Trombe Wall on 5 Sep 2018 at 09:29 AM
There is a nice scale to this development.
99 percent
#2 Posted by 99 percent on 1 Jan 2019 at 18:15 PM
Redundant? Hardly. Presenting the site as unwanted for agriculture is a sham. This proposal is merely an income maximising exercise, along with hundreds of others like it sadly. The occupation of farming has been marginalised to make it unsustainable for younger generations to continue to farm the land their forebears have worked often for centuries. This particular prime agricultural land would be snapped up for agricultural use, but marketing it for this type of multi-million pound development makes it unaffordable for anything else. These sites become underused due to planning policy supporting land banking in the greenbelt for residential development. The planning department at ERC is unfortunately allowing this pocket of several hundreds of acres of agricultural greenbelt to be transformed into an exclusive extension of Thorntonhall. Not for the many but for the few.

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