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CALA reveal Bearsden townhouses

February 20 2018

CALA reveal Bearsden townhouses
CALA Homes are embracing townhouse living at Kilmardinny, Bearsden, a series of 18 three-storey homes.

The first townhouses of their type to be built by the developer on the west coast the properties form part of Kilmardinny Manor - which also includes a mix of standard apartments and detached houses.

Liana Canavan, sales and marketing director for CALA Homes (West), commented: “Kilmardinny Manor offers a broad mix of housetypes for our customers and we are thrilled to present our townhouse collection as it makes its debut in the West of Scotland.
“We are very excited to be bringing something different to the market while still being able to showcase the high specification, light and space.”

Showhomes at the suburban development will be open from Saturday.


Graeme McCormick
#1 Posted by Graeme McCormick on 20 Feb 2018 at 19:25 PM
I couldn't see any planning authority in Scandinavia approving this abomination. Where will the three car families of which there are many in Bearsden park their cars? Will Cala ask 1960s house prices for this 1960's 'design'?
Mr. Bored to Death
#2 Posted by Mr. Bored to Death on 20 Feb 2018 at 19:58 PM
#3 Posted by Egbert on 21 Feb 2018 at 10:56 AM
Notwithstanding the appalling eaves detail it's the on-frontage parking that's the killer - renders this utterly suburban. Townhouse is always a misnomer when it's got a driveway slapped in front of it. I'm going to sound like a stuck record here but I thought Designing Streets entailed moving away from sticking cars in front of everything?
#4 Posted by Sven on 21 Feb 2018 at 15:48 PM
How do passengers get in and out the car without walking and breaking the shurbs? I see that all the time, a mud bath next to parking spots as the developer has poorly planned parking.
Quite who wants to stare at a car, esp its headlights in winter from their sitting room is beyond me, and beyond the architect here is seems. Cala are high end price wise and I suspect not many will pay full buck for this muck.
To echo everyone else this looks like an updated 1960s council house and severely below par for Cala.
Neil C
#5 Posted by Neil C on 22 Feb 2018 at 13:27 PM
If those renders are accurate, it would be physically impossible for the BMW passenger to enter or exit the vehicle.

What happened at CALA to inspire a design that wouldn't look out of place in the worst parts of Cumbernauld?
#6 Posted by Pleasantfield on 22 Feb 2018 at 16:20 PM
Agree with everyone: mundane badly detailed design. And still no attempt at any solar pv or water heating. Badly out of step for a supposedly knowledgeable and aware market place.
jimbob tanktop
#7 Posted by jimbob tanktop on 22 Feb 2018 at 19:10 PM
As someone who once had the severe misfortune to live in this benighted paean to banality, I must say this is precisely the sort of building Bearsden deserves. The dwellers can park their beige cars outside their beige houses, then go inside and sit on their beige sofas and watch their beige TV shows before sleeping in their beige beds. Bearsden Beige: if it's never in style, it can never fall out of style.

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