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Kengo Kuma lends support to Dundee Waterfront development

February 19 2018

Kengo Kuma lends support to Dundee Waterfront development
Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has lent his support to a Cooper Cromar designed hotel, office block and homes currently being built directly opposite his own V&A project, describing the scheme as an ‘appropriate backdrop’.

Robertson Construction are already on-site delivering the mixed use build after the project won approval from planners, despite concerns raised in some quarters that the plans were ‘disappointing’.

Offering his support for the build Kuma wrote: “My building was always designed to complement and harmonise with its surroundings and the adjacent developments.

"It was never designed in isolation and was always meant to be part of a built environment with a flow of people and buildings with other uses in proximity.

"Dundee Waterfront is a stunning location and the planned developments will create a thriving platform for the city's ambitious regeneration and an appropriate backdrop for the V&A."

Marriott has been chosen as operator for the 150 bed hotel component of the scheme.


D to the R
#1 Posted by D to the R on 19 Feb 2018 at 13:36 PM
I remember seeing a presentation on the Dundee waterfront. I was horrified at the degree of isolation those 'boulevard' roads create. It's a recreation of the Clyde Street issue that Glasgow City Council have tried to address of years. Do not make the mistake of creating modern destination architecture and then making access to it impossible.
#2 Posted by StyleCouncil on 19 Feb 2018 at 15:33 PM
Really? He has endorsed this massive lump of generic, architectural mince?... blimey.
Are we to assume he is a huge fan of that Premier Inn beast and Toby Carvery too?
Nothing to do with Dundee waterfront/ Council and outstanding fees?
#3 Posted by Hilloch on 20 Feb 2018 at 09:58 AM
Yes it's a real let down in that regard. Interesting that you make the comparison with Glasgow - there are many similarities in the way these two councils operate - for the benefit of the car lobby and car user. Here you have this beautiful location, a brave decision to reverse previous poor planning decisions and a world class building gathering worldwide attention, and yet the public space planning leaves no doubt as to the real drivers of the final layout - the city traffic engineers. No regard to pedestrian experience, no regard to cyclists and boulevards (ahem - dual carriageways!!) careering through the centre once again with pedestrian barriers (good for what? - just makes a mess), lights, signage and all sorts creating a visual muddle of the view toward the V&A and the Tay. The pollution with the stop start traffic will make it a difficult place to linger for anyone not in a car. I fear it is a REAL missed opportunity.

With regards the Cooper Cromer building - meh. Copy / Paste repetitive portal architecture of our age. Not the worst but that is not a compliment
Peh eater
#4 Posted by Peh eater on 28 Feb 2018 at 12:54 PM
#3 You've missed something. The main constraint in the Dundee Central Waterfront is the trunk road network. Short of moving the Tay Road Bridge, or tunnelling the trunk roads this will always mean that major roads have to run through the area. The REAL missed opportunity was back in the days when the roads engineers were deciding where to land the Tay Road Bridge.

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