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Final form of new Madras College revealed

February 16 2018

Final form of new Madras College revealed
AHR have lodged plans for a new Madras College in the Langlands area of St Andrews, ending years of debate over the final location for the £50m unified campus.

Madras College presently operates from three sites scattered around the town, sparking a long-held desire to unite staff and 1,450 students under one roof while bidding farewell to its historic home on South Street.

Taking its design cue from the original 1833 building the Langlands school will carrying over three key features from the old school; a ‘quad’, lawn and courtyard. Finished in light textured brick.

In their design and access statement AHR wrote: “The signature material is the light coloured textured brick to the teaching facades, with linear elements emphasised by the rotation of brick coursing. These light coloured brick facades will be complemented by contrasting pockets of glazing framed in dark aluminium.”

New elements will include a spacious library overlooking the main entrance as well as a triple height dining hall and feature staircase. Situated adjacent to University of St Andrews playing fields the Langlands location offers potential for a combined sports and community facility.

In an effort to establish a continuation of history prominent internal facades will be given over to the display of art, including historic pieces currently on display at South Street.

Having alighted on land on the north western outskirts of town Fife Council will now pursue the new school with a view to receiving a first intake of students by the 2020/21 academic year.
Plans for a new school were first floated as far back as 2013
Plans for a new school were first floated as far back as 2013
Subject to approval the new school could be up and running by 2020/21
Subject to approval the new school could be up and running by 2020/21


#1 Posted by StyleCouncil on 16 Feb 2018 at 12:05 PM
Monumentally dull.
#2 Posted by 42 on 16 Feb 2018 at 13:33 PM
I went to Madras. Kilrymont is well past its sell-by date, but there was something nice about the separate campuses. It felt really rewarding upgrading to the town centre South St campus, with its stone quadrangle and spacious classrooms having spent 3 years in compact modernist Kilrymont.

That said, both are now too small for the number of pupils going to them, so a replacement is necessary. Just a shame such a bland one is proposed.

JM have been doing some fantastic school work in Edinburgh. It is possible to achieve a good school with this palette of materials!!
You cant fit quicker than a kwik fit fitter
#3 Posted by You cant fit quicker than a kwik fit fitter on 19 Feb 2018 at 09:11 AM
Are all school architects just sharing standard blocks on autocad these days? Looks like the design concept was to bore the anti-Madras campaigners into reluctant acceptance. least it's better than Wade Academy I s'pose!
Elaine Edmiston
#4 Posted by Elaine Edmiston on 27 Mar 2018 at 12:08 PM
How much planning does this school need? This whole saga has been going on for more than a decade! So wise up and start doing not continually deliberating, pontificating and/or whatever else is done at these endless discussions. If you really want to 'save our children' and educate them in a safe environment then put these plans into action NOW!

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