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LDA & WYG to lead revitalization of Edinburgh’s George Street

December 8 2017

 LDA & WYG to lead revitalization of Edinburgh’s George Street
The City of Edinburgh Council has appointed LDA Design, working in tandem with management consultancy WYG, to lead the revitalization of George Street.

A long-term strategy is being sought for the shopping thoroughfare to attract shoppers by fostering a more harmonious mix of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians through decluttering.

 LDA design director, Kirstin Taylor added, “George Street is such an important part of Edinburgh’s history – it is vital that it continues to be at the heart of the city’s growth. We want to create a place where people choose to spend more time, an all-year-round destination. More usable street space will add value and boost footfall, benefitting local businesses. It will also mean we can better connect the street to the city’s vibrant and successful events calendar.”

George Street has been identified as a regeneration priority in order to build on wider changes within the city, including a revitalized St Andrew Square.


#1 Posted by Basho on 11 Dec 2017 at 12:58 PM
Oh jeeeez... I have now lost count of the number of studies and proposals for George Street.
It would be interesting to see how much public money is spent on endless reports and artists impressions that suggest the revolutionary concept of... wider pavements. Which is what every one of them eventually proposes.
I agree George Street needs to be made more pedestrian friendly - but we don't need another study. Just choose one from the dozens that have been commissioned already. I'd quite like to experience this rejuvenated George Street before I die of natural causes.
D to the R
#2 Posted by D to the R on 11 Dec 2017 at 18:35 PM
Just looks like sum kid on hedges and a big roon' building for selling craft beer and over-priced vino
#3 Posted by Yawn on 13 Dec 2017 at 18:27 PM
Hopefully the study and resulting proposals will be more ambitious than the vacuous, stating-the-obvious statement from the lead designer.
Derek Wilson
#4 Posted by Derek Wilson on 14 Dec 2017 at 09:29 AM
Footfall is nice. Cardfall is better to sustain the destination.

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