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Urban Union outline plans for 137 Pollokshaws homes

December 4 2017

Urban Union outline plans for 137 Pollokshaws homes
Regeneration specialists Urban Union have readied plans for the creation of 137 new homes in the Pollokshaws area of Glasgow on land located between Shawbridge and Pollokshaws Road.

The 5.74 acre site has been designed by Barton Willmore Architects as part of Transforming Communities: Glasgow – an initiative backed by Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Housing Association and the Scottish Government.

Stuart Bishop Barton Willmore’s architecture head in Scotland, said: “Our team of architects, town planners and landscape architects have produced an extremely high-quality design for a new urban village, which will provide a diverse range of private housing.

“It will offer a contemporary way of living, alongside vibrant public parks, with the added bonus of being a stone’s throw away from the superb Pollok Country Park.”

Including a mix of terraced houses and flats the development is expected to move on-site in summer 2018, following on from the delivery of earlier homes in Laurieston.


#1 Posted by Gfxor on 4 Dec 2017 at 14:17 PM
Using Sketch as a final investmet visualization is the equivalent of writing a letterhead in Comic Sans. When will this madness stop? If you can't do it good - leav it to professionals. Otherwise you got the barrel of laugh like this generic piece of Ned-erland (south of river, top of M8/GWR generally
#2 Posted by Stylecouncil on 4 Dec 2017 at 19:20 PM
Looks very odd indeed. What the hell is going on with that massive upper level forehead!?
Quality of image to match the architecture sadly.
5.74 acres of this!
#3 Posted by MR on 5 Dec 2017 at 13:04 PM
The owner of that first floor flat is not chuffed with the trees growing through his living room window.... also his head is frazzled seeing autumn in one and summer in the other.
#4 Posted by CADMonkey on 5 Dec 2017 at 13:25 PM
This is looks like a replica of Urban Union’s recent and ongoing development at Muirhouse, Edinburgh.
This may be a bit sad, or fair enough! Who am I, a lowly Cad Monkey, to judge.

So what does “regeneration specialists” really mean?
Surely it should infer that their developments are a bit “special”? Or does it just mean they know how to save on paying for fresh designs and door schedules, and make a profit? Ch-ching!

It is indeed telling that they haven’t even bothered to invest in any CGIs. Why would they? You can see a full size model in Muirhouse.
#5 Posted by Pleasantfield on 5 Dec 2017 at 16:03 PM
Oh dear oh dear hardly better than the original CDA designs by Boswell Mitchell and Johnston. Its been some time since we saw half decent residential designs on Urban Realm. Perhaps the Commonwealth Games village was ok.
Walt Disney
#6 Posted by Walt Disney on 6 Dec 2017 at 17:12 PM
I'm it a Minecraft screen shot?

To be fair to Urban Union, they take crappy, contaminated, low value sites and build reasonably well designed affordable homes on them. Its all good.There's not a lot of margin in there for big fees and fancy CGIs.
#7 Posted by Philip on 6 Dec 2017 at 19:36 PM
#6 no Scottish resi developer offers decent fees, especially the ‘premium brands’, but that doesn’t excuse this complete lack of effort.
I guess Barton Willmore don’t have to try as for some utterly insane reason, they continually get large commissions.

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